Reblogging this for giving thanks — I have been reading a series of mystery books and it hit me the other day how much I have recovered in that area: when I was severely poisoned, I had extreme trouble of staying focused and memory recall. I loved to read my entire life, but gave up in frustration after attempting to read a page, forget what I just read, read it again, and repeatedly forget. Now I can get through a book in a couple of days. Amazing. The body is nothing short of a miracle in its ability to heal with something so toxic as mercury. I’m not saying I’m out of the woods, so to speak, because I still am not back to where I was before having the amalgams placed in 1994, but I am thankful for every little gain, which seemed impossible after discovery in 2007, with many relapses.


…I walk outside in 16 degrees of crisp winter air with a dusting of snow on the ground…I hear a single bird singing.  Singing!

…doggie loves being out in the crisp air and I smile at the little frisky dance she does when she, uh, does her business…just happy to be alive, I guess. :p

…a wonderful meal for Christmas…blessings to those who don’t have that…

… for the money to get the oil changed in the car and now it doesn’t sound quite as loud as before…

…the ability to chelate and get this horrible poison out of me…

…and the wonderful “coincidences” that happen in life:  I went to the used goods store to blow the stink off of me (get out of the house for awhile).  My favorite area is the book area, naturally.  I found one to buy, and started heading to the cashier.  She told…

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