Yet another oil spill…

…okay, I’ve been trying to open and post the reports on the 176,000 gallon oil spill in North Dakota, but for some reason, the computer keeps crashing.  Things that make you go hmmm…

Anyway, there is a massive oil spill that you’re probably not hearing about in the bought and paid for media, so please do a search to find the info.  This is exactly why oil pipelines and taking oil out of the earth should not be allowed.

As I asked before, why don’t we use jojoba oil?  what about vegetable oil that some folks are using for fuel now?  (I personally don’t know anyone with the know-how, but would like to find out.  I know, I know, they’re probably at Oceti Sakowin…)

Anyway, I thought about my blog yesterday and how folks are probably asking what we could do without  crude. There’s probably a bunch that I don’t know but I’m sure Big Oil does, and has probably been trying to silence those smart enough to figure it out for decades, if not a century.

And along those lines…

We have Mustangs that are in sanctuaries here.

So…why couldn’t we figure out some way to give the poor a horse so they would have transportation?

I would love to have a horse that is a sustainable mode of transportation.   Perhaps not in this weather — but definitely for Spring, Summer, and Fall. I’m just speaking off the top of my head…but the horse gives back and completes the circle of life.  Horse poo and pee are known to be beneficial to the earth.  Their “fuel” is nontoxic, as well. 🙂

So we could live in a sustainable way…just have to rearrange our thinking and see where puzzle pieces interlock.


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