Hiding in plain sight…

…okay, you know the saying “hiding in plain sight” to describe throwing people off guard by doing wrong right in front of their eyes so that they suspend disbelief…?

You might recall this video I posted in this blog:


Ryan Red Hawk, with the bandana over his face, was putting on a pretty good show, acting…yes, acting…like he was part of the movement of Oceti Sakowin water protectors.

Something had not seemed right about the video…there was something that just seemed un-real about the guy with the assault rifle.  But I thought Red Hawk was the real deal.  I thought he was a guy that I had met in camp who was dedicated — so much so that he was staying in the media tent 24/7 trying to get the word out that we were not violent and that the media was in cohoots with Big Oil by lying about us.

But when I looked at the video again recently, I realized that I had confused the loyal guy with Red Hawk.  It jogged my memory that the loyal guy was from Tennessee.  Red Hawk states in the video that he is from Georgia.  Claiming to have sold his house there.  Yeah, right.  If he is from Georgia, and IF he sold his house…it was likely to buy a bigger house with all the $$$ the billionaire was paying him to sabotage the water protectors.

Which brings me to a vision I had this morning.  I used to ignore my visions but two things happened to make me start to take them as serious connections from God or God’s Helpers and to pay attention to them.

One of the things that happened was Robert Lamm (Chicago the band) describing Terry Kath coming to him in his dreams.  Terry Kath has also visited me in my dreams.  Reading about Robert Lamm’s admission gave me courage to believe what was happening was real.  **more about this below…

The second thing that happened to me was the Potawatomi Indians in Indiana who told me to honor my dreams and visions.  It was stunning because I had not spoken to them about the dreams or visions and I did not know them personally.

So…this morning, I had a strong vision about Ryan Red Hawk speaking with a military man in fatigues.  There were two men on either side of the military man.  I could not see their faces, but they struck me as dark ones that perhaps worked for Blackwater…or whatever name they are using nowadays.  This showed me that for certain Red Hawk was working for Big Oil.  I really don’t want to think that the military is also working for Big Oil…but from what I saw with the police wearing riot gear for peaceful, prayerful protestors…nothing would surprise me.  I can’t say what significance it is to see the vision and Red Hawk talking with the military guy, plus the others dressed in black…I can only tell you what I saw.

I also had a sense a couple of weeks ago that members of Oceti Sakowin had finally realized the true nature of Ryan Red Hawk as a provocateur or spy for Big Oil.

You might recall when I wrote about someone who bragged about his best friend being Special Ops and how he was formerly *cough* a dirt mover for Big Oil….that person was Ryan Red Hawk.  My radar was going off about him immediately, but he apparently was putting on a pretty good snow job with the others in camp and they only recently discovered his working for the dark side, which makes me sad that he got away with it for so long and that good people who wanted to help were pushed away.


***So…Terry Kath came to me in a dream the first time in 2008.  The day after Barack Obama was elected.  He was surrounded by golden light and was beaming.  The vision so shocked me that it took me awhile to realize what it was and why Terry was happy.  Needless to say, he didn’t appear to me after Donald Trump’s *cough* election. Nor would he if Hillary Clinton were elected, either.  It doesn’t matter which of them were in office…they are all part of whatever is going on in this country.


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