Let It Snow…

So, yeah, we got socked with a hefty snowstorm the past few days…that in Indiana would have shut the state down.

In the Dakotas? Pfft.  Piece of cake.

I mean, the wind is blowing 30 mph, there are snow drifts four feet high, you no sooner shovel a sidewalk clean, and an hour later, there are drifts up to your thighs.

They plow the roads and they drift shut.

The wind and snow are blowing so hard that it’s white-out conditions…

So, I shovel my car out from an wall of snow surrounding it, and head out…I have to get to the grocery, because there is nothing in the frig, and I’m trying to get shopping done before it gets any worse…

And the other folks here are talking about the weather and they’re saying stuff like “Oh, it’s not that bad out” and “I’m getting read to head out to blah-blah (a town nearby that is accessible through mountain roads) and it’s no problem.”

I’m thinking either I’m a wimp or these people are crazy.

I think I’m a wimp. 🙂

It actually did my heart good to hear they don’t see this as a big deal.  They actually seem to love the snow and the challenge.

Let me tell you how they approach this weather:  they don’t bring out measily ole’ snow plows…nope.

They bring out those graders you see grading new roads with.  Not one grader, but two — one right after another.  Big old machines that mean business, let me tell ya…

And then the snowmobiles come out.  I have to admit a little envy at the fun they’re having playing in the snow.

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve seen people enjoying life and embracing adversity.  They play hard and work hard, too.


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