12 people hospitalized, another 200 injured as North Dakota police use water cannons, rubber bullets on #NoDAPL supporters

Do any of you see fires on the bridge? Neither do I. Not even where the water cannon is spraying. Given how they have lied about the demonstrations being riots, I don’t give much credibility to the claim they were putting out fires. Especially since someone intentionally set a fire near Oceti Sackowin camp and the police, who were constantly patrolling the area, suddenly became scarce and would not allow the BIA fire dept to put out the fire.

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dapl-backwater-bridge-4 A police armoured vehicle mounted with a water cannon hoses down protesters at Backwater Bridge in North Dakota near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation (Stephanie Keith/Reuters)

APTN National News, November 21, 2016
Twelve people are in hospital and another 200 were injured after anti-pipeline demonstrators clashed with local and state police in North Dakota who used pepper spray, rubber bullets, and water cannons in freezing temperatures on hundreds of #NoDAPL supporters who call themselves water protectors.

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