Spraying Forest Fires

So…I’ve been watching the overwhelming forest fires across the country over the last few years.  It was amazing at how many there were…

I just couldn’t shake the thought that perhaps they were purposely set.  But why?

I was leaving Rapid City a couple of weeks back…and the sky had this eerie orange cloud over it.  I mean, the sun looked as orange as it would if it were at sunset.  It scared me so I hightailed it out of the area.

And got yet another migraine the day after.  I did my coffee enema and had to do two more before the headache started to back off a bit.  I have come to learn that the more toxic I am, the less able I am to go the entire 15 minute waiting period.

This showed me how toxic I was.

Was it the chemical they were spraying on the trees?

Why did it remind me of something…?

And then remembering how planes looked spraying Agent Orange popped into my head….only this picture is of planes spraying chemical fire retardants on forest fires.

And then I thought about the trees here and pretty much everywhere — there is something strange happening because there is a perfectly healthy tree with the middle part (taller part) deforested….in other words, the needles have fallen off.  It’s bare.

In Indiana, many trees are showing stress with needles turning orange and falling off.

If you look at the bottom of the page, it states:

As a point of interest, since the fertilizer concentration in long-term fire retardant is higher than that sold at garden stores, it may cause leaf burn


A story here on a judgment against the Forest Service spraying.

This blog site speaks about glyphosate, or as we know it — RoundUp, that lovely product from Monsanto.  Monsanto also manufactured Agent Orange.

And it should be noted that the VA has a page up on the continuing lingering damage of these herbicides…that seem to continue to harm those that work around the planes that sprayed the chemicals.

Based on the HMD report, VA has decided to acknowledge exposure to Agent Orange for personnel whose military service involved regular contact with the contaminated C-123 aircraft. This includes individuals who performed service in the Air Force or Air Force Reserve who regularly operated, maintained, or served onboard C-123 aircraft known to have been used to spray herbicides during the Vietnam era.

This was noted to have been a problem up to 1986!  The planes were toxic eleven years (and probably more) after Vietnam ended.

After the fire in Rapid, there was another fire in Spearfish, a community 30 or so miles away.

Then I saw the fire set at Oceti Sakowin camp.  It was quite deliberately set….and although the police were constantly patrolling the area, they suddenly stopped patrolling during the time that the fire was set and burned…for hours.  Thankfully, Nature intervened and put out the fire.

But one has to wonder at the fires and who is setting them.  And why.  Why are they using such toxic chemicals that were purposefully used in Vietnam to deforest the place?



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