Standing Rock Wounded Knee in video

A Martinez has the video below posted.  I didn’t know if it was the actor A Martinez, because people will put a celebrity’s pic up with the name and fake people out.   But I see it is the real deal when he appears near the end of the video.

In this video, A Martinez shows not only Standing Rock, but the massacre at Wounded Knee.  Wow, it really hurt to see the dead bodies…Holocaust.  Then he shows Carlisle school, which I wrote about briefly in my blog on Lost Bird.

Carlisle school is notorious with the tribes.  Children would be sent there away from their families to be molested, whipped, beaten for speaking their native language, nearly starved, and some died physically while, I would say, many if not all died spiritually.

One native from this area spoke about his experience.  He was hungry and took an apple — one apple — from the kitchen.  The priest who searched him found the apple and beat him severely.  An apple!

Other children were killed by staff and were buried without a name on the tombstone nor justice for the parents.  Carlisle school and other *Indian* schools did what smallpox and wiping out the buffalo could not — killed or tried to kill — their culture, their family connections, their spirituality.

I see this now being played out among the general American public.  It was done much sneakier, however, as the Feminist movement encouraged women to *break their chains* to get out of the home, put their kids into the care of strangers, and claim their *liberty* .  This, along with trying to humiliate women who wanted to breastfeed,  was the beginning of the end, as I see it looking back.

I have noticed that the first generation of children taken away from their mothers, via working moms putting their kids into childcare, have a disconnect with their elders and, a lack of ethics and morality.  I don’t see a spirituality growing with them, and some are even proud atheists.  They take without any conscience of giving back.  That scares me.  And this is not to look down on them, but an observation and fear of what is coming down the road.  They stole our children while we were busy making plans (like John Lennon said — life happens when you’re busy making other plans).

On with the video — Martinez shows the demonstration at the Mandan Court house.  You can see the eagle I wrote about on the side of the building.  I wish you all could feel the positive love and energy coming from those of us praying and drumming.  It truly was beautiful but can’t be felt just watching the video.

16:02 shows the full moon over the Oceti Sakowin camp.  It was truly that magical and beautiful.

And the sunrises are spectacular as you can see.

16:20 shows a white horse with brown spots.  I loved that horse.  He came up to my car and looked in at me like he wanted to say *hey, how you doin* 🙂






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