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Police power to force vaccination

We have the right to decide what goes into our bodies! But now President Obama has signed an executive order advocating using police to enforce vaccination.  Unbelievable! Especially after seeing the violence by police at Standing Rock.

Also mentioned as sources of policing the unvaccinated and

suspected disease carriers in this are the Department of

Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security.

Oh hell, no.

The CDC’s recent NPRM makes it possible for anyone,

including those who are employed in travel services,

to be a snitch and report suspected illness. Isolation

can extend to a 72 hour detainment to determine one’s

potential or actual disease level and enforce treatment

or vaccination as a condition for being released.



Can you believe this?!  A travel agent reporting suspected illness?  How in the world can an untrained person declare another has an illness or what that illness is??  And how can anyone be forced to take treatment or vaccination?  This is a direct violation of one’s Fourth Amendment rights to privacy against government intrusion into one’s personal life.

After you’ve been released, you could be

electronically monitored. As usual, the viral

shedding of vaccinated individuals that

spreads disease is ignored. Jail time and

large fines can be used against those

who refuse to cooperate.

So now you’re going to be electronically monitored…as if you had committed a crime…??  This is just absolutely insane!

The 60 Minutes video shows the appalling effects of vaccines on people and the CDC’s lack of ethics and not being forthcoming with the information that flu vaccines can cause neurological damage.   A person has the right to their own autonomy in deciding whether they want a vaccine or not.

The propaganda commercials strike a similar tone to today’s Big Pharma commercials with grandparent *wolves* giving whooping cough and the *you’ll let the community down if you get sick and give it to others* .  It is a game using psychological group harassment as a tool to force people to get vaccines.

You might recall the petition to the White House on forced vaccination, which I and over 100,000 signed….only to be ignored.

Petition.Against.Forced.Vaccinations.3.3.2015 125k signatures.jpg




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