More reports on DAPL protests **edited

A good report here on a small faction that is not keeping with the intent of the Sioux (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota) wishes of a peaceful protest using prayer.

It is absolutely stunning to me that these folks come to this, and then ignore the wishes of the very folks they say they are *helping*.   It is disrespectful.  It is arrogant and rude.  The negative energy of anger can be turned into a positive if used in a positive manner.

Being humble is one of the values of the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, so those acting in such ways are not in keeping with being humble nor respectful nor patient.  They want immediate action and answers, but prayer is a request from God, not a demand.


**edited to add:  just wanted to add that the title of the report is somewhat misleading.  The police were dressed in riot gear and had billy clubs plus the armored vehicle loooong before this when all we were doing was praying and singing and saying “water is life”.





One thought on “More reports on DAPL protests **edited

  1. Dolphin, thank you for speaking out about this important issue. I’m sure their are agent provacateurs who are trying to incite violence. But many may simply be uninformed about different cultural leadership styles. Here’s a valuable resource for those who are open to learning how to be respectful of other cultures and the importance of letting Indigenous people lead their own efforts to protect their ancestral homeland.

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