NY Times takes a stab at reporting on DAPL

I have to give Jack Healy credit in that he at least included a Native American’s view on this…but most of the piece was slanted towards Big Oil and the Sheriff.  They repeatedly portray the peaceful demonstrations as riots, when they were not.  Singing and praying do not constitute a riot.

Last week, he and 49 other demonstrators decided to link arms and sit together by the overturned earth where the Dakota Access pipeline is slated to go. They were on what the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe considers sacred ancestral land, but from a legal perspective, it is owned by the pipeline company.

If this were based on LAW, then the land most definitely belongs to the Sioux…via the 1851 TREATY (Law!!) that gave them that land!

Well…that’s rather inconvenient, isn’t it??

Officials wrote numbers on their arms — his was 4838, he says — and held them overnight in cages in a parking garage, men and women separated by a plastic tarp.

Dehumanization…classic tactic to turn the public’s view against *others*.  If they’re not seen as human, there is more inclination to turn one’s head when they are harmed.

They spent the night singing and praying.

Powerful.   This is what the Dark side hates the most — IT really wants to break the connection to God, the Creator, but it’s hard to break the spirit of the Native tribes.

He sees out-of-state protesters occupying federal land and trespassing on private ranches. He sees tense confrontations, lost days off and threats to his fellow officers.

What does the comment *out of state protestors* have to do with anything??  Aren’t we all Americans?  Don’t we all drink water?  Doesn’t the Missouri River flow along many, many states where the occupants will be severely affected if they cannot drink the water??

If there are any lost days off (whine much?)…then that is the fault of the sheriff who has overreacted to protectors.  I never saw ANYONE threaten an officer and I would not be part of such an action, either. I would walk away if anyone started that.

“I’m the son of farmers, and we worked hard for everything we have,” he says.

So have the Native Americans.

For over 10,000 years, they CULTIVATED this beautiful land.  What the Europeans saw as a jungle was in fact a carefully cultivated ecosystem full of bounty because they only took what they needed.  And they left the oil in the Earth.  If one wants to see what America looked like before the plunder and pollution, one only needs to go to a National Park to stare in awe at the great beauty and wonderful ecosystems apparent by the diversity of animal life there.

Every time we’ve been out, we’ve seen weapons. People screaming down this road at 100 miles per hour.

Gee, did your pastor father teach you to lie like that??  Thou shalt not bear false witness, deputy, or have you forgotten that one?

Nobody had any weapons!!  And you notice that the writer didn’t bother to ask the deputy what exactly he considered a weapon?  Rattles?  Feathers? Drum?  (*snort*)

And we did not go 100 mi per hour down the roads.  That would have been impossible given they were unpaved roads!

Again, they were saying it was a riot when we were only singing and praying.  Prayer is only a threat to the Dark side.




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