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Let It Snow…

So, yeah, we got socked with a hefty snowstorm the past few days…that in Indiana would have shut the state down.

In the Dakotas? Pfft.  Piece of cake.

I mean, the wind is blowing 30 mph, there are snow drifts four feet high, you no sooner shovel a sidewalk clean, and an hour later, there are drifts up to your thighs.

They plow the roads and they drift shut.

The wind and snow are blowing so hard that it’s white-out conditions…

So, I shovel my car out from an wall of snow surrounding it, and head out…I have to get to the grocery, because there is nothing in the frig, and I’m trying to get shopping done before it gets any worse…

And the other folks here are talking about the weather and they’re saying stuff like “Oh, it’s not that bad out” and “I’m getting read to head out to blah-blah (a town nearby that is accessible through mountain roads) and it’s no problem.”

I’m thinking either I’m a wimp or these people are crazy.

I think I’m a wimp. 🙂

It actually did my heart good to hear they don’t see this as a big deal.  They actually seem to love the snow and the challenge.

Let me tell you how they approach this weather:  they don’t bring out measily ole’ snow plows…nope.

They bring out those graders you see grading new roads with.  Not one grader, but two — one right after another.  Big old machines that mean business, let me tell ya…

And then the snowmobiles come out.  I have to admit a little envy at the fun they’re having playing in the snow.

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve seen people enjoying life and embracing adversity.  They play hard and work hard, too.

Giving Thanks…

…Since I have become more aware of what the true history of the treatment of Native Americans, I approach Thanksgiving with mixed feelings…

I want to give Thanks, but I also have to acknowledge that the Natives are thinking “Oh, hell, no…”

I give thanks for every glass of water.  Every meal that I have to eat.  I give thanks for another day when the sun comes up in the morning.  I have become closer to God in the simple practice of giving thanks.


Starving them out…

…well now that all the buffalo are gone ( but coming back, yay!), food must be brought in to camp…

…and the sheriff dept is now doing the most wretched:  denying them food and water by fining anyone who brings supplies to them.  #$%&!

satan at work here, or as the Native folk would say, coyote is behind the war.

I wonder how this guy sleeps at night…

Closing in… **edited

…so the news here has been all over the map with reports on Standing Rock–

The report a few days ago was this:  The Army Corps of Engineers has given Oceti Sackowin until Dec. 15th to vacate….

…and I thought Dec. 15? Why Dec. 15th…?  My first thought was after I saw the video below was that they were afraid of this.

We are veterans of the United States Armed Forces, including the U.S. Army, United States Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard and we are calling for our fellow veterans to assemble as a peaceful, unarmed militia at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Dec 4-7 and defend the water protectors from assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force and DAPL security.
2K EVENT CAPACITY ACHIEVED: Event capacity based on accommodations, travel logistics and supplies; given the time we have to coordinate, resources available and the shipping and weather conditions in the region has been set at 2,000 rostered participants. We currently have over 2,100 Veterans on the roster. Our goal now is to prioritize this list to Veterans and Civilian personnel involved with operations, planning & onsite execution. We will be collecting names for future missions on a new roster (, next mission could be as early as the 2nd week of December. More to come

The funds we raise on this page will go towards providing food, transportation and supplies for the brave patriots that come and stand with us.  

We’ll be standing alongside peaceful water protectors, who’ve endured violent attacks from the private security funded by DAPL and more brutality and arrests at the hands of militarized police and DAPL security. We have full support of the Sioux tribe elders and will be cooperating with them every step of the way.

I first read this a few days back…and I had mixed feelings about it.  For one thing, anything CNN covers leaves me with a cynical feeling of what is their game?  They sure the hell haven’t been covering Standing Rock with any legitimate journalism.  They haven’t been stating that there was no riot, that the water protectors have been peacefully protesting with prayer and chanting Mni Wiconi!  (Water is Life!  in Lakota)

So I am very, very skeptical that there aren’t strings attached. Anything Big Media covers  is done for some reason that isn’t readily apparent.

My fear is that this is just to placate people so that they will let their guards down  and think things are being taken care of — so they can go back to their lives.  If you haven’t noticed…this is exactly the game plan over and over again for co-opting people’s organizations so that they lose their energy– I have just seen it over and over again and many good organizations have lost their power that way.  Or they were infiltrated by those who talk the talk, but don’t have the cojones to see things through nor do they share the views.

I know Veterans for Peace were there when I was in Oceti Sakowin…so I know there are kindred spirits who want the same thing the Native Americans want…but the problem is when they *take over* and want to do things their way instead of letting the Native folk lead the way.

On the other hand, support is needed and welcomed.  I just hope that it is given without expecting anything in return — no bravado, no puffing up the ego, no expectations that they are owed *anything* for standing up against a militarized force that has brutalized people ON THE LAND THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM IN AN 1851 TREATY.

Now, for the video:



**Edited to add:  I meant to state that Dec. 15th is a date that the Native folk, especially the Standing Rock Sioux, Lakota, Nakota, Dakota will remember:  it was the date that Sitting Bull was murdered in 1890.  Wounded Knee happened just two weeks later:  December 29, 1890.

Then the radio reports stated that the North Dakota governor was declaring an emergency and they were going to immediately remove the campers in Oceti Sakowin…because…this is hard not to laugh at when you see the above video…the governor was worried about them with the approaching snow storm….*snort*  bwahaahahahahahahaha

Yet again today, the reports stated that they are going to remove them Dec. 5th.



12 people hospitalized, another 200 injured as North Dakota police use water cannons, rubber bullets on #NoDAPL supporters

Do any of you see fires on the bridge? Neither do I. Not even where the water cannon is spraying. Given how they have lied about the demonstrations being riots, I don’t give much credibility to the claim they were putting out fires. Especially since someone intentionally set a fire near Oceti Sackowin camp and the police, who were constantly patrolling the area, suddenly became scarce and would not allow the BIA fire dept to put out the fire.

Warrior Publications

dapl-backwater-bridge-4 A police armoured vehicle mounted with a water cannon hoses down protesters at Backwater Bridge in North Dakota near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation (Stephanie Keith/Reuters)

APTN National News, November 21, 2016
Twelve people are in hospital and another 200 were injured after anti-pipeline demonstrators clashed with local and state police in North Dakota who used pepper spray, rubber bullets, and water cannons in freezing temperatures on hundreds of #NoDAPL supporters who call themselves water protectors.

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Spraying Forest Fires

So…I’ve been watching the overwhelming forest fires across the country over the last few years.  It was amazing at how many there were…

I just couldn’t shake the thought that perhaps they were purposely set.  But why?

I was leaving Rapid City a couple of weeks back…and the sky had this eerie orange cloud over it.  I mean, the sun looked as orange as it would if it were at sunset.  It scared me so I hightailed it out of the area.

And got yet another migraine the day after.  I did my coffee enema and had to do two more before the headache started to back off a bit.  I have come to learn that the more toxic I am, the less able I am to go the entire 15 minute waiting period.

This showed me how toxic I was.

Was it the chemical they were spraying on the trees?

Why did it remind me of something…?

And then remembering how planes looked spraying Agent Orange popped into my head….only this picture is of planes spraying chemical fire retardants on forest fires.

And then I thought about the trees here and pretty much everywhere — there is something strange happening because there is a perfectly healthy tree with the middle part (taller part) deforested….in other words, the needles have fallen off.  It’s bare.

In Indiana, many trees are showing stress with needles turning orange and falling off.

If you look at the bottom of the page, it states:

As a point of interest, since the fertilizer concentration in long-term fire retardant is higher than that sold at garden stores, it may cause leaf burn


A story here on a judgment against the Forest Service spraying.

This blog site speaks about glyphosate, or as we know it — RoundUp, that lovely product from Monsanto.  Monsanto also manufactured Agent Orange.

And it should be noted that the VA has a page up on the continuing lingering damage of these herbicides…that seem to continue to harm those that work around the planes that sprayed the chemicals.

Based on the HMD report, VA has decided to acknowledge exposure to Agent Orange for personnel whose military service involved regular contact with the contaminated C-123 aircraft. This includes individuals who performed service in the Air Force or Air Force Reserve who regularly operated, maintained, or served onboard C-123 aircraft known to have been used to spray herbicides during the Vietnam era.

This was noted to have been a problem up to 1986!  The planes were toxic eleven years (and probably more) after Vietnam ended.

After the fire in Rapid, there was another fire in Spearfish, a community 30 or so miles away.

Then I saw the fire set at Oceti Sakowin camp.  It was quite deliberately set….and although the police were constantly patrolling the area, they suddenly stopped patrolling during the time that the fire was set and burned…for hours.  Thankfully, Nature intervened and put out the fire.

But one has to wonder at the fires and who is setting them.  And why.  Why are they using such toxic chemicals that were purposefully used in Vietnam to deforest the place?


Police power to force vaccination

We have the right to decide what goes into our bodies! But now President Obama has signed an executive order advocating using police to enforce vaccination.  Unbelievable! Especially after seeing the violence by police at Standing Rock.

Also mentioned as sources of policing the unvaccinated and

suspected disease carriers in this are the Department of

Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security.

Oh hell, no.

The CDC’s recent NPRM makes it possible for anyone,

including those who are employed in travel services,

to be a snitch and report suspected illness. Isolation

can extend to a 72 hour detainment to determine one’s

potential or actual disease level and enforce treatment

or vaccination as a condition for being released.



Can you believe this?!  A travel agent reporting suspected illness?  How in the world can an untrained person declare another has an illness or what that illness is??  And how can anyone be forced to take treatment or vaccination?  This is a direct violation of one’s Fourth Amendment rights to privacy against government intrusion into one’s personal life.

After you’ve been released, you could be

electronically monitored. As usual, the viral

shedding of vaccinated individuals that

spreads disease is ignored. Jail time and

large fines can be used against those

who refuse to cooperate.

So now you’re going to be electronically monitored…as if you had committed a crime…??  This is just absolutely insane!

The 60 Minutes video shows the appalling effects of vaccines on people and the CDC’s lack of ethics and not being forthcoming with the information that flu vaccines can cause neurological damage.   A person has the right to their own autonomy in deciding whether they want a vaccine or not.

The propaganda commercials strike a similar tone to today’s Big Pharma commercials with grandparent *wolves* giving whooping cough and the *you’ll let the community down if you get sick and give it to others* .  It is a game using psychological group harassment as a tool to force people to get vaccines.

You might recall the petition to the White House on forced vaccination, which I and over 100,000 signed….only to be ignored.

Petition.Against.Forced.Vaccinations.3.3.2015 125k signatures.jpg



Dakota Access pipeline delay a political tactic, company says

I’m always wary of big names coming to protests. Kennedys are a mixed bag. John, Jr., used his magazine George to publicize what truly happened to his father when he was murdered, and then his plane *cough* mysteriously crashes while Ted Kennedy makes haste to remove any evidence that would show wrongdoing. It’s been awhile since I read Joe Kane’s book, Savages, but if I recall correctly, Robert Kennedy was not that helpful towards the indigenous of the rainforest when they were fighting Big Oil. After Big Oil had begun to illegally drill for oil on their land, they began seeing pools of oil on top of the soil. Their water became contaminated and they began having respiratory and other diseases. They fought hard against Big Oil, but in the end, they lost their beautiful paradise. And their precious culture.
I mean, it’s great if big names want to support the effort, but cynical me wonders if it is not just about getting one’s name and face in the media. It’s a double edged sword where a big name might bring attention to the effort, but not be that helpful or truly understand and embrace the entire meaning behind the fight. This is more than about oil — it’s the big fight against the Dark and Light.

Warrior Publications

Dakota Access Pipeline disruption People moving to confront and stop work on the Dakota Access pipeline, Sept 3, 2016. Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expected to join protesters on Tuesday

The Associated Press, November 15, 2016

The Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to further delay construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline so it can continue studying the issue and gather more input from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation that opposes it is purely political, according to the company behind the project.

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