Dolphins dying in record numbers

Reblogging this — I was thinking about a story I read of the 1940s-50s or so where Chicago’s beach shoreline was a very popular spot for locals as well as tourists. There was an oil spill and the public was unaware of how very toxic this stuff is….they were swimming in it! The children and adults were covered in oil and began having respiratory issues, along with the oil burning their skin. I wish I could pull up the story, but alas, not on the ‘net that I could see.


Organic Consumers has this link up.  It leads to this link.

Here’s a much better report.

In the CNN piece, she mentions lesions in their respiratory systems…and my mind went to petroleum products as a cause.  Notice that the reporter briefly mentions pollution as a problem, and immediately goes to bacteria and elaborates on that without discussing what pollution does to marine animals.

So….I searched and found this on the effects of the BP oil spill on the dolphins.  (Apparently, BP didn’t get rid of ALL the evidence. /said with dripping sarcasm.)

Wow, look at this.  The picture is showing globs of oil still sticking to a grad student after he had showered.

And remember “corexit”–the controversial *cough* clean up chemical (because it makes perfect sense to use chemicals to clean up petroleum chemicals…natch.   /said with even more dripping sarcasm…)

Well…corexit is apparently still in the water, along with…

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