Buffalo show their presence at protest site

This is freaking awesome!  🙂

For those unaware of the history, the buffalo is a sacred animal.  The Native Americans were able to survive harsh winters due to their gifts of meat, fur (warmth), fat and other useful parts.  The Natives used every part of the Buffalo, and as you might recall, they gave thanks to the animal for giving itself so they could live.

According to Pretty Shield, a Crow Medicine Woman, who lived in the transition time between free Indian to reservation Indian, she said before the heartless slaughter of the bison, the Native folk had plenty to eat.  This is contrary to popular myth that the Indians were starving.  They only began starving when the buffalo was nearly wiped out.   Then they were forced to accept rations of food from forts when they could no longer support themselves according to their customs of over 10,000 years.

Related to this, I was thinking about a nearby town that has the most beautiful creek that is crystal clear.  I mean, it appears that somehow this creek escaped pollution.  It was sooo inviting that I had to take a drink from it.  Can you imagine?  Drinking from a creek or river?  If the Natives were still stewards of the land, you would still be able to drink to your heart’s content without worry.

We just can’t keep polluting the water expecting that we can magically take the contaminants out.  Time has proven over and over that it is difficult if not impossible to return water back to pristine condition.  In fact, the creek I mention is the only body of water that I have ever seen so clear.

And when I first crossed the Missouri River, I was amazed at its size.  And that it is not as muddy and polluted as the Mississippi.  It still has a chance, folks.  It still has a chance.  Unless it is polluted with oil…and we all know that pipeline will leak eventually, when the company will escape responsibility while the taxpayer foots the bill for cleanup (but we all know cleanup is a wink and nod to appear to restore it, but just hiding it, as in corexit used in the oil spill of the Gulf).




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