Live Updates of Standing Rock protests

The pipeline completion under the Missouri river is right where the protectors are planted.  Things are heating up — here is a live news feed:

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and other law-enforcement officials confronted protesters at their new camp Wednesday, requesting that the demonstrators remove their roadblock on Highway 1806 and their camp on private property.

The protesters refused.

Again…blocking a road is NONVIOLENT.  It is being blocked because they are tearing up 1851 treaty land that belongs to the tribe.  Their ancestors are buried under this ground.

As a side note~  I learned that they are not allowed to have their own chickens so they can provide for themselves and their families. I asked if this was a tribal thing or a Federal rule.  It was Federal.

No free range eggs or meat unless purchased.

…but cattle ranchers are free to raise beef in the same way that chickens would be raised.

Things that make you go hmmm…



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