Why you need to fight for the environment…


Traverse City, Michigan.  The industry that poisoned the land and water is looong gone, but today, 2015, they are still cleaning up from environmental contamination during the years of 1955-87–dry cleaning until 1987.

Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)   (PERC) Note that it took only four hours to reach toxicity for rabbits, rats, and mice if I’m reading this correctly.  It’s also very interesting that this toxic chemical can cause hepatitis.

Trichloroethene (TCE)

1,2 dichloroethene (DCE) Note that the toxicity of rabbits, mice, and rat was also at 4 hours exposure.

Vinyl chloride  Note that toxicity can include death.  Ataxia is best described as walking like you’re drunk.  You run into walls, you lose your balance easily.  This is part of heavy metal poisoning and resulting leaky gut, as well.

And so we have the neocons/neolibs fighting EPA once again for cracking down on polluters….whining they are being too haaaard on…

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