The Pee and Poo Show **edited


The title is funny, but the subject is serious — flushing human waste into clean drinking water just doesn’t make sense.  I was thinking that you could only utilize a composting toilet in the country, where you could have room to separate compost piles by year.  But I was wrong, as this  brilliant couple illustrates.

I love how they have utilized their space to raise vegetables and fruit and bees and collecting rainwater.  Absolutely sustainable.

Who knew we could save the world through poop? 😛

If you look at the comments, someone has added a link to the humanure website.  They also question separating the pee and poop–I think this gal wanted to use the urine right away for the nitrogen to fertilize her vegetables and such, but everyone has different goals, so separating it may not be a big to-do for them.

From Joe Jenkins, author of the Humanure…

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