Ohio River and the West Virginia spill

Just an example of what happens when toxins are dumped into rivers…it travels to other comunities that had nothing to do with the toxic spill nor receive any economic benefit nor clean up dollars as we saw in the Traverse City blog. No matter how much money is thrown at it…it is never enough. Never. So a wise person would say that it would be a wise choice to not pollute in the first place.


So…the spill in West Virginia in the Elk River has gone into the Ohio River and is headed our way…so I went looking to see how the authorities are dealing with it…

I found that the Cincinnati folk are right on this–

When I looked for Indiana authorities’ action on it…nothing.  No surprise there.  The Indiana Dept. of Environmental (MIS-) Management allows businesses three years between inspections.  West Virginia could happen here. (and probably already has, but without nary a peep from anyone who knows about it.)

But I did find this disturbing report.  Indiana is guilty of dumping 15 MILLION pounds of toxins into the waterways.  Good Grief!

Here’s yet another disturbing report of BP once again poisoning a body of water from the Whiting, Indiana, refinery…you know, the petcoke we’ve talked about.  This time,  it’s our wonderful Lake Michigan they’re dumping mercury into….where is the media coverage here? …

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