What I am seeing at the DAPL protests **edited

So I heard through the camp grapevine that a radio station and local news outlets were broadcasting false stories (okay, let’s call them lies) about the water protectors and protests.

They were saying that protectors were killing livestock of the ranchers  around here.


They were saying that the protests were violent.

Again, nope.

I was there yesterday at a protest where the protectors briefly blocked a bridge into Bismarck and at a protest/rally at the courthouse where the judge was considering the charges against Amy Goodman.

The bridge protest was peaceful with protectors blocking access briefly to say “hey, we’re here and we’re peaceful”  We prayed the Native American way with drums and singing.  Intimidating, eh? /snark

The group moved over to the courthouse in Mandan, a city that has been described as the “bedroom” of Bismarck.

Amy Goodman was inside awaiting the judge’s decision while the protectors chanted “water is life” and “Mini Wiconi”  which is the same in Lakota language.

The police and sheriff deputies were there, again dressing in riot gear.  There is no rioting, so it makes one wonder why they would use scarce resources for paying all the extra hours for officers?

The Native Americans were singing and praying and it was the most moving, positive experience.  There was nothing but positive energy emanating from them as they sang and prayed.  They pray for the Earth and water, and even for the officers standing across from them with helmets and billy clubs.

As the drumming became intense, I felt such a connection that it is hard to put into words.  I looked across to the courthouse and see an eagle on the side of the building.  I wondered “do the officers see that eagle?”  “Do they know we are trying to protect that eagle, and all the winged/ four-legged/creepy-crawley animals?”

Some protectors tried to talk to the officers — asking them if they wanted a glass of oil or water?  Or if they realized that we were here for their children, as well?

I am told that after a protest on Saturday, five officers turned in their badges, because they see what is happening with peaceful protectors and they don’t want any part of it.

Wisconsin officers who were called to North Dakota actually turned around and went back after they saw that the protests were peaceful.

Again, the media is being controlled and manipulated by those who benefit financially.

Here is Democracy Now’s report:



**EDITED:  Web addy was wrong.**

The camp is working on getting a website together and it should go live today or in the next couple of days:   http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org and the email is: ocetisakowincamp at gmail.  Please put who or what you want it to go to in the subject line.

There will be a p.o. box for anyone wanting to send donations.  Right now, folks have been sending donations to Standing Rock Sioux, but it does not come to the camp unless earmarked for that purpose.  So the website will give the address, plus have a paypal account for folks wanting to contribute.    It will also have a list of items needed.

I want to again THANK YOU all of you whom have contributed in any way that you could.  It is truly amazing how folks have come together.  So many countries around the world are in support of Standing Rock.  Folks have come from Germany, France, Ecuador, Mexico (I learned that Mexico is named after the Meshica (sp) and should be pronounced Meshico; and the Meshica are what we know as Aztecs).  People from all over the United States have come to visit or are bunking in for the winter.

Oh…and thanks to the sweet person who sent Fair Trade chocolate.  I did manage to get a couple of bites. 🙂

People are reporting healing from this beautiful place–me being one of them.


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