Yesterday, I was sitting in my car in camp.  This time there was a blue and white helicopter instead of the yellow one.  It circled in my area about 4 times, plus a wider circling of camp in general.

There were people on top of the hills surrounding the camp.

I sincerely felt like a sitting duck.

I mentioned it to the security folk in camp.  He said that it was their people.  But when I went up the road a ways, I saw a black Fed vehicle with people getting into it (that were on one of the hill sides).

Then I saw several police vehicles at an auxiliary camp.

Then I saw not one, but two armored vehicles coming down the road followed by more police and sheriff vehicles.

Then I saw a convoy — yes, a convoy — of five sheriff SUVs and an unmarked sheriff van barreling down the interstate.  I think they were from Grand Forks, about 189 miles away.

The Native folk think I’m a Fed.  I don’t know if it’s because of my friend, the FBI agent, or just because I look like a repub (not dressing like a hippie, I guess?)  Otherwise, a man who admits he once worked for Big Oil as a dirt mover and has a *best friend* who is a Special Ops but he acts all aggressive…like every provocateur ever has…

And the Dark Side thinks I’m a terrorist for wanting unpolluted water, air, and soil.

It’s a sad predicament.



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