It’s getting dirty…

…figuratively and literally…

We have been using showers located some miles from camp.  I have felt uneasy the last time I went — they are located in a remote area where anything could happen.

So…today I went and there was a security guard there (there wasn’t one before) who stopped us and wrote down our license plate numbers.  I asked why, and he stated that he was getting a count.  Really?  You need to write down my license plate in order to count me?

It made me really nervous with the outright lies about us protectors that it was yet another way to intimidate us or even surround us (given that they were going to box us in at the protests).

So…I’m begging for someone to send materials for solar showers so that we don’t have to leave camp to wash.

And thank you, thank you, thank you, for sending materials I asked for yesterday.  I’m already seeing some things arriving.  Bless you, Bless you, Bless you.



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