The Protests and how you can help

Okay, to go a little more in-depth about the protest Wednesday–

Intimidation is the name of the game with infraction of one’s First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion…and on and on.

The yellow helicopter was back, flying over us, back and forth from the front to the back.  Just imagine if the money spent on the pilot’s wages and jet fuel were used to help others instead of wasting it on intimidating water protectors?

It was a wonderful day with a positive protest.  As I said, the Native folk were drumming and singing prayers and the positive energy was strong.  However, I felt such negative energy coming from the police that I literally had to back away.

They had the road blocked, and then had officers spread out beyond the vehicles so that there was no way for us to pass and protest at the worksite.

They eventually brought out the riot gear, complete with those plastic face masks.  I kid you not.  We were not threatening, but chanting “water is life” and praying.  Praying!  Like I said, you are in the wrong line of work if words and prayers are threatening.  They stood there with billy clubs reading to start beating on someone…

They sat in vehicles and  held up cameras at every turn we made.

They had police cars along the route. And an armored vehicle.

It was just so over the top that I can’t begin wrap my brain around it.

In the sixties,  the youth threw bottles, bricks, and sticks, and none of that was going on.  For them to act like we were violent is a bold-faced lie.

Meanwhile, there were police from Grand Forks and other locales.  As the previous post stated, they are apparently calling in sheriffs deputies from all around the country because Federal help is not coming.  Good for Barack Obama.

With all of that said, I have to say that I don’t want to paint the police with a broad brush.  I know that there are some good guys and gals who are in the police departments.  I personally know an FBI agent that I knew as a young girl who is on our side.  He believes in what we are doing.  I just felt I needed to say that.

Okay, so I asked what the camp needs because it looks like this is going to go through the winter.  Winters here are very harsh — with minus 40 windchills and snows of two feet or more not uncommon.

Kitchen needs:


Large stainless steel pots (restaurant size)

Large cast iron skillets (restaurant size)

Stainless steel soup ladles and large spoons

Sharp knives

Giant wok

Fresh fruit, veggies, greens AND  FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE (Okay, she didn’t ask for that. Ahem.)

Tortillas (blue corn would be great)

Hot sauce

Sunflower, Avocado, Olive, Coconut, and Walnut oils

Butter (from grass fed animals would be great)

Breakfast bars/Clif bars

Nut butters (coconut manna would be welcome by yours truly 🙂

Meat — grass fed

Bacon (no nitrites, thank you)


Brown sugar

Honey (raw would be great, but anything is needed)

Dried Fruit

Thermoses (stainless steel)

Milk (from grass fed animals would be great)


Eggs (free range would be great)

Sliced cheese

Lunch meats



Other needs for winter preparedness:

Generators (prefer solar)

Stable shelter (tipis would be great)

Off – grid hot water heaters

Automatic can opener (to be used with generator)

heavy duty shelves

Winter stable greenhouse (perhaps used wood window panes over a wood structure?)

Winter stable showers (solar)

Wool blankets (please, no smallpox or other biological weapon inserted) , wool socks, long underwear, snowpants, waterproof boots


Lastly, I have to tell you about an amazing event on the way to the protest site–

We were driving down a road, and there were 10 or 12 horses running free.  They all ran up to the fence that was parallel to the road. All at the same time.  I have never seen anything like it.  I’ve seen one or two trot up to the fence to see the humans passing by, but never all of them at full speed running up to a fence.  They stood there and watched us pass.  Then, as I got to them, they took off running at a full gallop.  It was a stunning and thrilling sight to see them running free with their manes flowing in the wind.  I thought that it was a good sign.

And I felt my Dad’s presence again before we took off for the protest trip.  Very positive




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