The meaning of the protests

Here’s a good article on what is going on with the protectors and how many have died trying to protect the environment.

John Denver has been on my mind recently.  If you recall, this blog, sunlight on the water, was named after his song “Sunshine on my shoulders”


John Denver was an environmentalist.  He was outspoken about it and you can see it in the wonderful way he expresses it in his songs.  “Annie’s Song” is a favorite because it is so romantic, but also because he expresses how I feel when I shut out the world and connect with nature.

John Denver’s plane went down, tragically ending his life.  Witnesses have stated that the plane did a nose dive, as if the fuel had been cut off abruptly.  Of course, they blame pilot error for the plane going down.  Now, with the viciousness against environmentalists, and known murders of environmentalists, I am wondering if John wasn’t murdered, too.


A side note~  I was sitting in my car, looking across the camp, when it suddenly hits me that the tipi, from a distance, looks like the masculine and feminine in balance.  I probably have read that in the literature by Natives, but I can’t recall it off the top of my head.  It just struck me as I looked at the perfect balance between the top and the bottom, representing masculine and feminine influence.  Neat.



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