Deputies from other states may be called to Dakota Access Pipeline protests

Reading this fiction, one would think the water PROTECTORS (not protestors) would be some thugs looking to rough some people up. No. No. No.
The protest Wednesday was strong in spirit, but not aggressive. We do not have guns. We do not have weapons. These folks protested with their voices. VOICES!! How in the world is that a threat? One protector donned a gas mask (think WWII), and the police officer said he was being threatening. Are you serious?? You better get another line of work if someone in a gas mask is threatening to you.
A group of Natives sang and drummed prayers. It was quite moving how they were pleading for God to help us and for the police force to open their hearts and see the damage they are doing. I personally asked God to help them realize how they are feeding the Dark Side. I could sense that a couple of them didn’t want to be there. Others definitely gave me a very bad vibe and they are the ones that scare me.

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dakota-access-pipeline-sheriffs Sheriffs from various departments answer questions at a press conference, Oct 6, 2016.

by CAROLINE GRUESKIN, Bismarck Tribune, October 6, 2016

In a move a prominent U.S. sheriff called unprecedented in his experience, deputies from across the country may come to North Dakota to respond to the pipeline protests.

Laramie County (Wyo.) Sheriff Danny Glick, immediate past president of the National Sheriffs’ Association, pledged the support of sheriffs across the country to help Morton County at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

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