Non-violence Training Teaches White Paternalism at Camp Standing Rock

How do you know that white activists have no fear of being shot or beaten? There are whites whom have given their lives for justice — I recall a 25 year old Presbyterian minister whom was run over by a bulldozer while he protested for the Civil Rights movement. Other whites were murdered for their participation, as well. I am sure whites have provided assistance to the camp without getting on their soap box. They are non-bossy whites that support Standing Rock.
However, I do know and hear the message of white men wanting to take over. I being a white woman, know that all too well. I also know that at Wounded Knee, and Sand Creek, there were massacres when the Natives were asked to disarm…which they did. Then they were shot down by white cavalry. The 2nd Amendment is under attack where you are not supposed to have ANY way to protect yourself, and it saddens me that Standing Rock protestors were told they were not supposed to have any weapons.

Warrior Publications

Kanasatake Armed warriors at Kanesatake during the 1990 “Oka Crisis.” / Gazette John Mahoney (CTY)

by Wrong Kind of Green, September 16, 2016

What the white man seeks to destroy and what the non-profit industrial complex is financed to carry out: the destruction of the Indigenous Warrior culture. This is not news to native people, however, this reality is all but lost on today’s white “left”. [Further reading: Part II of an Investigative Report into Tar Sands Action & the Paralysis of a Movement, September 19, 2011]

The following comment is from a film director who just returned from the camp at Standing Rock. What she witnessed is the historical paternalism that is reminiscent of the ‘Indian schools’ where proper comportment was wholly identified as the ability to assimilate into Anglo structures. We thank this person for recognizing and  sharing what she witnessed. That this took place on native…

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