Stand With Dr. Sears

Here is a report of a doctor who is standing up against the Big Pharma Gestapo and recognizing that a vaccine was highly likely responsible for a toddler going limp with a collapsed bowel.

More of the Gestapo techniques seen here:

The accusation by the Medical Board comes on the heels of a recent violation by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, led by Health Officer Charity Dean who through a leaked internal memo sent a requirement to all Santa Barbara schools to submit any student medical exemptions on file—without informed patient consent—for “comprehensive review” by “immunization program staff” for their new “Medical Exemption Pilot Program,” using public taxpayer funds. Since the circulation of the memo went public, Dean and the pilot program have come under scrutiny, and she, along with SB County Public Health Director Dr. Takashi Wada were named as defendants in an amended complaint in the lawsuit against SB 277, filed in the U.S. District Court in San Diego.

Lawyers fighting SB 277 had also discovered that the California Public Health Department has been actively coordinating with several regional health departments throughout CA to examine licenses of doctors who write medical exemptions for children, with a private teleconference invitation that included Jennifer Simoes from the Medical Board of California that “shows collusion among Defendants to undermine the Legislature’s broadening of medical exemptions.”


This is so outrageous!  We have the right to determine what goes into our bodies and to refuse anything that we feel will harm us.



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