The attack on the Native protestors

this is such an overreaction to PEACEFUL protestors exercising their 1st Amendment right to have their grievances addressed.

Dogs are released to attack the protestors’ horses.

Do you see anyone with a pointed gun?  A brandished knife?  Me neither.  Not even when the dogs attacked them again and again.  They fought with sticks and a flag.

I see passionate people protesting a billionaire’s venture into yet another oil pipeline that will, by historical perspective, leak onto land and water.  This venture is also without permission by the tribe and disregards their rights to deny it and to protect the sacred.

This is an issue of sustainability.

As the Native guy states “Water is life.”  Water is basic to Earth and every living thing.

There was a presidential candidate a few years back that advocated using jojoba oil in place of petroleum.  Why don’t we use it?





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