In Honor of My Dad…and all the medical rebels who want to heal, not profit… **edited

Reblogging this — I have used coffee enemas for a year now and cannot praise them enough for helping me detox and control the painful migraines. I can now hold down a job.
They are also good for general pain, if you recall, a WWII nurse had an epiphany (my view is that she was guided by Spirit) to use coffee in an enema because pain meds were in scarce supply and the soldiers were in terrible pain. The coffee enemas worked! If you recall, Merck manual, a reference guide for physicians, removed any reference to coffee enemas….in 1972…around the same time that Sloan-Kettering had buried the information about apricot pits containing medicine to fight cancer. By the way, it is not the only food — non-GMO lima beans, among other foods contain the bitter ingredient. Pretty much any bitter food seems to contain B17.
Be well, my friends.


When I was a young girl sometimes my Dad, a physician, took me on housecalls to see patients (he saw patients at home, like doctors used to do, until the 80s when they pushed against the practice).

I usually waited in the car or if we were social friends, I would play with the other kids.

In the 70s, Dad had taken me to a patient’s house and explained that the man had cancer.  He was treating him with Laetrile, a medicine from apricot pits.  He told me that I must not say anything to anyone, as it was against the law to do this, and Dad could lose his license to practice medicine.

I never spoke a word of it publicly until now.

He was a healer until medicine became Big Business, thanks to Nixon.  Richard Nixon had thought it was a great idea to start profiting off of…

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