When the National Guard is called in…

…it is not necessarily a good thing…

My  post on May 4, 1970:  https://sunlightonthewater.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/four-dead-in-ohio/

The students were throwing rocks and half bricks at the guardsmen.

From what I have been seeing on the nooz, they are trying to make it criminal for any protest at all.


Dakota Access Pipeline opponents interrupt oil industry meeting to make case

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dakota-access-industry-interuptedby Amy Dalrymple, Bismark Tribune, September 21, 2016

MINOT – A handful of Dakota Access Pipeline opponents took over the stage Wednesday as North Dakota’s top oil regulator spoke to an oil industry group’s annual meeting.

The elders of the Oglala Lakota Nation referred to the pipeline as the “black snake” as they took the podium and microphone while Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms was speaking to the North Dakota Petroleum Council.

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More on the last post and being armed

Okay, I’ve been thinking about the last post on paternalism and asking the warriors to disarm the Standing Rock protestors.  And the slam against whites…

I just want to make it absolutely clear that I am not for violence.  Weapons, in my view, should only be used in self-defense or defense of another.  It should be a last resort, not the first option.  Thou Shalt Not Kill (murder) was given to us for a reason.  To murder someone is feeding the Dark side.

There are instances in the Bible where self-defense was condoned.  Carrying a knife or gun can be effective just by having them in view.  It is a deterrent to the Dark side becoming aggressive if they know that.

When I say my prayers, this is how I approach it:

“Please help me to deal with those deliberately feeding the Dark side with shrewdness and cunning, strength, courage, and wisdom….and fierceness if need be.  Please Bless those who are feeding the Dark side and don’t realize what they are doing — please help them to know that they are feeding the Dark side and turn towards feeding the Light.”

This is so God understands what is in my heart and it helps to remind me not to feed negative energy, which feeds the Dark side.  It’s my view that negative energy, such as anger, can be turned into something positive IF it is used to help another or for a good cause, such as saving Mother Earth.

Some folks “get” what is going on — this is much, much deeper than a fight over unpolluted water.  This is a fight between Dark and Light.

The Dark side has been hard at work to:

-Break up families.  One way to do this was force mothers into the workforce.  Their children were put into daycare, where they are made to feel like a number;  their days are tightly controlled with activity time, bathroom time, snack or meal time, blah, blah, blah.  When at home, they had some schedule, such as meal times, but they were free to play and explore to wherever their heart led them.  They cannot do that in daycare.

This also serves a more sinister purpose:  destroy the connection with the once close relationships between Mothers and their children.  Mothers are too tired from working jobs and everything is rush, rush, rush when they get off of work.  Homecooked meals are becoming extinct.  The young ones all use microwaves and call that cooking.  Not only does microwaving a meal destroy the enzymes and vitamins necessary for healthy bodies, there is something lost when a meal is not cooked from scratch.  This is another area that the Feminists destroyed in their quest for equality — they so abhorred a woman who stayed home with her children, liking them to stupid subservient slaves, that many women saw it as laziness, or dinosaur thinking.  Anti-progressive, if you will.

It sounds sooo stupid now that I am on the flip side.  I will be eternally grateful that I was able to stay home with my kids.  The only thing is that women who stay home need support of a network, such as the Native Americans once had where everyone helped.  Mothers were not isolated as white women are, so they didn’t miss adult conversation and they weren’t relegated to the lodge (tipi) without being engaged in decisions made by the camp.  This is the one thing I suffered from — my ex had me so isolated that I only associated with whom he decided was “safe”  (a mark of an abuser is to isolate their mates).

-Destroy Education.  Then, when the young ones enter what is passing for education now, their days are even more regimented, with little education going on, but acting like little computers that spew out facts without understanding critical thinking or creative thinking. I also think this is going on with the selling of Library books which is illegal, because taxpayers paid for those books, for one thing, and for another thing, it is destroying the ability of us to continue our educations beyond high school.  It is removing information, and as a former president (Madison?) said, “Information is Power”  Those who have the information can use it to their advantage.

Taking away Art and Music classes, which were year around when I was going to school, they have taken away any way for a young person to explore outside the box.  Even those that have music and art class are being taught in a regimented way without much appreciation for classical music.  This is paramount to their spiritual growth.  The Native Americans often used song to call to God and God’s Helpers; European churches often used song in praise and spiritual connection.  Classical music, without words to interfere with the moving music, teaches the soul to listen to the beautiful notes and respond.

If they can get to the young while their brains are still forming, they can short circuit that part of the brain that is moved by Art and Music, and therefore, spirituality.

Again, I ask who would want to cut off a venue to connect with God?

-Destroy the Earth.  Water. Air.  Who would want to destroy what God has created?  Who would want to create so much toxicity that it is very, very difficult to connect with God?

Lastly, I truly believe what is happening at Standing Rock is a test.  The powers that be  want to know what we’re made of; and who is willing to fight for the very right to have unpolluted water, air, and soil.

Since I wrote about what was needed in the kitchen at the Standing Rock Camp, my apartment has been broken into.

Nothing was taken.  But my books were moved around, my supplements and vitamins were gone through, my towels were moved around (towels? really??).

They weren’t too careful about putting things back where they belong, so they must have wanted to make it be known that they were there.  I think I even saw the guy sitting in a tan/gold car that morning.

They wanted to see if they could find anything on me, I suppose.  It’s a cowards trick.  This is where it is somewhat amusing to me because my ex and his family have done a good job of gangstalking me (it has followed me to South Dakota thanks to those that break the commandment not to bear false witness)  — that people think I’m this horrible person when I am not.  So I find it really amusing that the powers that be are trying to darn hard to find something one me…but darn it, they can’t find anything bad to report.

I mean, I can laugh at the thought of the report:  organic food in the fridge and freezer, no drugs, no alcohol, no porn.  I can see the creep who broke in scratching his head and thinking WTH??  Haha.

I’ll leave to the imagination who this person was.  I know for one thing that there was no forced entry.  They simply picked the lock.  And it happened after I asked for assistance for Standing Rock.

No, I didn’t report it to the police.  I don’t know the police here well enough to know if they are part of the militarized police or whether they are the good guys still trying to hold up the Constitution.

I was reminded again yesterday why I won’t go to the police–

You might recall this post on the dying pigeons in Rapid City.  The day after I posted this, a police officer was parked outside the homeless shelter I was in.  He stared at me as I came out of the building.  I went to my car, four or five spaces away, and whenever I looked up, he was staring at me.  Later, I asked the staff if he had been here for a reason — hoping that it was just coincidence.  They said they weren’t aware of a reason, although the police were regularly being called there.  I never had one stare me down like that, however.

And yesterday, when I was briefly in Rapid City, a police officer was next to me in traffic, and then suddenly came in behind me and followed me until I was headed out to the interstate.  I was in Rapid only twenty minutes to a half hour.  Yep.  Again, it could be coincidence, but I don’t think so.  Others have commented on how Rapid City has taken on a negative energy to it.  I too, felt it, especially at the homeless shelter.  It truly felt like a portal of the Dark side.

If you think I’m being paranoid, you might recall that I once worked for the Indiana Department of Health, as a Public Information Officer.  This was in 2004, when they had been taken over by the CDC, which is now run by DHS.  They had preparedness classes where they were claiming that environmentalists were terrorists.  The scenario was that environmentalists would use syringes to shoot stuff like anthrax into food at 4-H Fairs.  It really shocked me.

Here’s a former report that appears to do just that, and serves a second purpose of divide and conquer — keep everyone suspicious of one another so they don’t talk to one another nor coordinate their efforts when they realize they’re fighting for the same things.

Since Native Americans were the first environmentalists…I have to wonder at this set-up, especially when I learned that George W. Bush said that there would be no more “Indian land”.  What did he mean by that?  They would take the small bit of land that the Indians have been concentrated on.

Why?  For one thing, it still has oil, plutonium or uranium, and other resources that the Natives have not allowed to be mined.

Another reason is that in these beautiful Black Hills, and the Plains, there is land here that looks exactly like it did when the British, French, and Spaniards landed.  It is indeed a striking view to behold.

So are the beautiful National Parks, which also are pure as they were thousands of years ago. (Well, as pure as they can be with pollution surrounding them).

So…you’re wondering what I’m leading up to?

Not only are they going to take the  Indian land (because the traditionals took care of the land and lived in harmony as the ancestors did), but they are going to take the National Park land, as well.

I had suspicions of this, but hoped it was just a thought.

However, that thought became closer to reality when I visited Wind Cave this summer, and saw in the Park’s store a Monopoly game.

Guess what they were buying and selling?  The NATIONAL PARKS!!

Leave it to those who would destroy the Earth to claim the only land left that is livable.  Not only livable, but sacred places to those seeking spiritual connection to God.

The Dark side, indeed, would like to remove all connection to God and nature is the ultimate connection to God.









Non-violence Training Teaches White Paternalism at Camp Standing Rock

How do you know that white activists have no fear of being shot or beaten? There are whites whom have given their lives for justice — I recall a 25 year old Presbyterian minister whom was run over by a bulldozer while he protested for the Civil Rights movement. Other whites were murdered for their participation, as well. I am sure whites have provided assistance to the camp without getting on their soap box. They are non-bossy whites that support Standing Rock.
However, I do know and hear the message of white men wanting to take over. I being a white woman, know that all too well. I also know that at Wounded Knee, and Sand Creek, there were massacres when the Natives were asked to disarm…which they did. Then they were shot down by white cavalry. The 2nd Amendment is under attack where you are not supposed to have ANY way to protect yourself, and it saddens me that Standing Rock protestors were told they were not supposed to have any weapons.

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Kanasatake Armed warriors at Kanesatake during the 1990 “Oka Crisis.” / Gazette John Mahoney (CTY)

by Wrong Kind of Green, September 16, 2016

What the white man seeks to destroy and what the non-profit industrial complex is financed to carry out: the destruction of the Indigenous Warrior culture. This is not news to native people, however, this reality is all but lost on today’s white “left”. [Further reading: Part II of an Investigative Report into Tar Sands Action & the Paralysis of a Movement, September 19, 2011]

The following comment is from a film director who just returned from the camp at Standing Rock. What she witnessed is the historical paternalism that is reminiscent of the ‘Indian schools’ where proper comportment was wholly identified as the ability to assimilate into Anglo structures. We thank this person for recognizing and  sharing what she witnessed. That this took place on native…

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Breaking: Dakota Access Lake Oahe Work Stopped Pending Standing Rock Sioux Appeal

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dakota-access-pipeline-camp Hundreds of people have gathered to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest of the Dakota Access pipeline. This photo shows the encampment near Cannon Ball, N.D., on Sept. 4. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

by Indian Country Today,  September 17, 2016

A U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. has ordered the company building the Dakota Access oil pipeline to stop construction for 20 miles on both sides of the Missouri River at Lake Oahe while the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s appeal of its denied motion to do so is considered.

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Dakota Access CEO: Company committed to finishing project

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Dakota Access pipeline protest fistsIndigenous youth participate in mobilization against Dakota Access Pipeline, September 2016.

By James MacPherson, The Associated Press, September 13, 2016

The head of a Texas company building the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline told employees Tuesday that it is committed to the project despite strong opposition and a federal order to voluntarily halt construction near an American Indian reservation in North Dakota.

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Humpback rescued from fish farm ropes by fisheries officials

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fish-farm-humpback-1 The juvenile humpback was freed from several ropes at the Marine Harvest aquaculture site in Klemtu, B.C. by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with help from the company and the Kitasoo First Nation. (Philip Charles)

Whale was thrashing in the water with ropes cutting into its flesh for 12 hours, said fisheries official

By Lisa Johnson, CBC News, September 13, 2016

A juvenile humpback whale was thrashing in the water north of Klemtu, B.C. yesterday for 12 hours, struggling to breathe as ropes from an empty aquaculture site cut into its flesh and blubber.

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Women from Alberta First Nation to hold rally after another sex assault charge laid against chief

Uppity Women Unite! We women are tired of the rape culture.

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alexander-fn-chief-kurt-burnstick Alexander First Nation chief Kurt Burnstick is charged with multiple counts of sexual assault.

In the wake of a new sex assault charge being laid against the chief of a First Nation north of Edmonton, a group calling itself the Alexander Women Warriors is planning to hold a rally to express outrage over the fact he still represents them.

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Pipeline protests shift along pipeline route

If you want to help — the camp kitchen could use a few things — cast iron pots and pans; stainless steel pots (restaurant size); cast iron skillets (large); stainless steel soup ladles; organic fresh salads and greens, fruits, honey are needed, too. Also, if anyone has the inclination–they could use a portable shower — they are being sprayed with chemtrails.

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dakota-access-pipeline-blockade-1 Resistance against Dakota Access Pipeline continues in North Dakota, Sept 13, 2016.

Two arrests were made this morning as a six-week long stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline shifted to yet another location along the construction route, this time to a site northwest of Almont just along the north side the Interstate 94 exit ramp at Exit 120.

Rob Keller, spokesman for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, said three protesters remain attached to three pieces of equipment at the worksite as officers are working to free them. Keller reported that work on the pipeline has been stopped at the site.

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