Native American Pipeline Protest Halts Construction in N. Dakota **edited

…now you’re talkin’. Like I said, it appears that only Native Nations are willing to fight for the environment and the right to drink unpolluted water, eat food grown on unpolluted land, and breathe unpolluted air. And someone please tell Montgomery Brown that pneumonia can result from lack of Vitamin A. Pass that out along with non-GMO Vitamin C and E (d alpha-tocopherol) (NOT dl — which is synthetic and bad for you)  to strengthen the immune system. Lots of greens. And raw garlic and raw onions — they are natural antibiotics/antiparasitics that they used to use before penicillin was invented. Vitamin D is also an immune booster – you get it from good ole’ sunshine.  I personally would not take the synthetic form in vitamins.

And of course, this is not medical advice, but information to be passed along. Please consult with your nearest calcified medical professional who will promptly guide you towards whatever Big Pharma tells him/her to….

Warrior Publications

Dakota Access Pipeline resistance art art by Chameleon Horse art & design.

Construction halted after more than 1,000 people swarm to protest the Dakota Access pipeline they believe threatens the Missouri River.

by Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News, August 19, 2016

A groundswell of Native American activists has temporarily shut down construction on a major new oil pipeline with an ongoing protest that has drawn around 1,200 people to Cannon Ball, N.D.

Construction workers walked away from their bulldozers Monday after protesters surrounded the equipment and called for an end to construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. A group of protesters on horseback also staged a mock charge toward a line of law enforcement officials guarding the site, and the county sheriff alleged others have fired guns and set off pipe bombs.

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