Movements Demand That Chile Free Mapuche Indigenous Leader

I also believe one must be in contact with nature in order to heal the spiritual wounds we all receive…along with using natural methods to heal the body. Big Pharma sees natural healing as encroachment on the billions of profits. They want it all. Big Energy sees those that love and protect nature as troublemakers encroaching on their turf because they want the oil underneath the soil. Big Defense sees those that love and protect nature as troublemakers who want Earth to stay as God intended, but war profiteers want uranium and plutonium from the Earth…and on and on. Labeling someone as a terrorist or mentally unstable is one way to lock them away forever so that they cannot get in the way of any of the above.


Warrior Publications

Mapuche elder Machi Linconao Machi Linconao held by Chilean police | Photo: Mapuche Indigenous – Twitter

TelesurTV, August 18, 2016

Marchi Linconao has been jailed by Chile since 2013 but the evidence that was used to detain her using an anti-terror law remains suspect, with the main witness retracting her statement.

Feminist and Indigenous movements in Chile are demand the freedom of Machi Francisca Linconao – an important spiritual leader of the Mapuche people – as human rights groups take her case to the United Nations.

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