‘Human Sacrifice Ceremony’ at CERN **edited

Satan worship is a prank?? Who do they think they are kidding? Do they honestly believe they can fool people into believing that this was just a prank? I’ve come to realize that satan uses all methods of enticing people to feed the Dark Side — humor is one of them. I have laughed at things that were questionable because they were put in the context of humor. Sexism and even rape have also been joked about and if one didn’t laugh — they you’re not cool, not *with it* or just plain dumb. In my life time, I’ve seen situation comedies on TV devolve from mild jabs to downright meanness and degradation to others….
….all accompanied with a laughter soundtrack. I think it’s a psychological ploy on the mind — we all want to be part of the crowd, and if you don’t laugh with the crowd, you’re seen as someone who doesn’t belong. Or worse, they label you as a snob. And humor isn’t the only subtle method the Dark Side uses. It’s also the psychological use of the opposites — war means peace — we have to kill people to save people; we have to destroy your Constitutional rights by invading your life in order to save you from terrorists; we have to take away your freedom so that the terrorists can’t take away your freedom.
And nuclear energy is better than solar energy…our satanists will work hard for you at the nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, we will bury nuclear waste into one of the most sacred places on Earth — the Black Hills — so that we can destroy the heart of all.

**edited to add:  When I was in college, circa 1999, I was doing research when I came across an MIT page where they were discussing their atheism and how to go about creating better Public Relations in order to gain public acceptance.  Now I am beginning to see that this was not a group of folks who did not believe in God, bur rather, they appear to have been the seeds to actively feeding the Dark Side.


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