Medical Doctor Exposes Corruption

You might recall my other posts  her and here on Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ videos explaining her findings on adverse reactions to vaccines including kidney damage.

In this video, she explains more corruption by Big Pharma in that the flu vaccine (which you will be hearing about in Big Media in the next month or two) actually compromises your immune system.  Yes, yes, you read that right– the influenza vaccine actually “prevents you from being able to deal with other strains of influenza the year after you’ve been (given the) shot…” (at 09:47 in the tape).

She goes on to say that it INCREASES viral shedding, which means we actually expose more people to the virus– the exact opposite of what they tell people — that the shot will protect others from getting the flu from you.  Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

It is sooo heartening that she mentions other doctors and nurses who will not go along with Big Pharma and Big Medicine and refuse to vaccinate.  And it’s also dis-heartening that they have to go about it quietly because Big Pharma Gestapo is ready to push pressure on politicians, medical boards, etc., to pull their licenses or label them as a quack so that no one will patronize them.

I also like that Dr. Humphries emphasizes that you don’t have to have a degree in biology to understand this stuff.  It’s not rocket science.  All one has to understand is that our bodies are miracles and that everything has been provided for us in our food, water, air, plants., etc., to keep us healthy.  This has been one of the most eye-opening factors of being poisoned with heavy metals.  I have gotten better using natural methods of chelation and natural plants to support my body while it recovers and heals.  In fact, I could not take manufactured pain relievers such as ibuprofen or even aspirin when I was very, very sick.  That tells me a great deal.

When Dr. Humphries talks about aluminum, she mentions that it quickly leaves the body once ingested.   It is important to emphasize that aluminum DOES NOT come out of the body as quickly when one is heavy metal toxic with mercury.  The evil mercury prevents aluminum from being excreted from the body, so it accumulates in the brain.  That is why they suspect mercury poisoning is contributing to Alzheimer’s.

She mentions that it can cause your body to attack its own tissue.  This is another factor in heavy metal toxicity.  Lots of autoimmune disorders can be traced to heavy metals.

Dr. Humphries mentions as a reference website for more in-depth vaccine info.




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