Industry off the hook for mercury monitoring at mill that poisoned Grassy Narrows First Nation

…and on it goes. Industry poisons people while politicians look the other way. Industry makes $$$ and then suddenly doesn’t have the money to clean up its own messes. Never mind that it should not have been poisoning people in the first place…but its business, and we can *always* move to another place once we poison this water, this land, this air…oh, wait…we’re running out of places that have clean air, clean water, and clean land.

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dryden-mill Former owners of the paper mill in Dryden, Ont. are not liable for remediation orders from the Ontario government, a court ruled. (Louis-Phillippe Leblanc/Radio-Canada)

Deal struck by Ontario in 1979 to save Dryden mill continues to indemnify Weyerhaeuser, Resolute, court rules

By Jody Porter, CBC News, August 9, 2016

Taxpayers, not industry, will have to pay for environmental monitoring at a pulp mill in Dryden, Ont., infamous for its poisoning of people in two northern Ontario First Nations, according to a recent ruling by an Ontario court.

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