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I edited my last post a bit — added that RAW garlic is a natural immune booster, along with raw onion.  If you cook them, they lose their “medicine”.

I also edited the Vitamin E — it is d-alpha tocopherol which is the natural form of Vitamin E.  Do not use dl — it is synthetic and bad for you.

Be well, my friends.

Native American Pipeline Protest Halts Construction in N. Dakota **edited

…now you’re talkin’. Like I said, it appears that only Native Nations are willing to fight for the environment and the right to drink unpolluted water, eat food grown on unpolluted land, and breathe unpolluted air. And someone please tell Montgomery Brown that pneumonia can result from lack of Vitamin A. Pass that out along with non-GMO Vitamin C and E (d alpha-tocopherol) (NOT dl — which is synthetic and bad for you)  to strengthen the immune system. Lots of greens. And raw garlic and raw onions — they are natural antibiotics/antiparasitics that they used to use before penicillin was invented. Vitamin D is also an immune booster – you get it from good ole’ sunshine.  I personally would not take the synthetic form in vitamins.

And of course, this is not medical advice, but information to be passed along. Please consult with your nearest calcified medical professional who will promptly guide you towards whatever Big Pharma tells him/her to….

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Dakota Access Pipeline resistance art art by Chameleon Horse art & design.

Construction halted after more than 1,000 people swarm to protest the Dakota Access pipeline they believe threatens the Missouri River.

by Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News, August 19, 2016

A groundswell of Native American activists has temporarily shut down construction on a major new oil pipeline with an ongoing protest that has drawn around 1,200 people to Cannon Ball, N.D.

Construction workers walked away from their bulldozers Monday after protesters surrounded the equipment and called for an end to construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. A group of protesters on horseback also staged a mock charge toward a line of law enforcement officials guarding the site, and the county sheriff alleged others have fired guns and set off pipe bombs.

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Movements Demand That Chile Free Mapuche Indigenous Leader

I also believe one must be in contact with nature in order to heal the spiritual wounds we all receive…along with using natural methods to heal the body. Big Pharma sees natural healing as encroachment on the billions of profits. They want it all. Big Energy sees those that love and protect nature as troublemakers encroaching on their turf because they want the oil underneath the soil. Big Defense sees those that love and protect nature as troublemakers who want Earth to stay as God intended, but war profiteers want uranium and plutonium from the Earth…and on and on. Labeling someone as a terrorist or mentally unstable is one way to lock them away forever so that they cannot get in the way of any of the above.


Warrior Publications

Mapuche elder Machi Linconao Machi Linconao held by Chilean police | Photo: Mapuche Indigenous – Twitter

TelesurTV, August 18, 2016

Marchi Linconao has been jailed by Chile since 2013 but the evidence that was used to detain her using an anti-terror law remains suspect, with the main witness retracting her statement.

Feminist and Indigenous movements in Chile are demand the freedom of Machi Francisca Linconao – an important spiritual leader of the Mapuche people – as human rights groups take her case to the United Nations.

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‘Human Sacrifice Ceremony’ at CERN **edited

Satan worship is a prank?? Who do they think they are kidding? Do they honestly believe they can fool people into believing that this was just a prank? I’ve come to realize that satan uses all methods of enticing people to feed the Dark Side — humor is one of them. I have laughed at things that were questionable because they were put in the context of humor. Sexism and even rape have also been joked about and if one didn’t laugh — they you’re not cool, not *with it* or just plain dumb. In my life time, I’ve seen situation comedies on TV devolve from mild jabs to downright meanness and degradation to others….
….all accompanied with a laughter soundtrack. I think it’s a psychological ploy on the mind — we all want to be part of the crowd, and if you don’t laugh with the crowd, you’re seen as someone who doesn’t belong. Or worse, they label you as a snob. And humor isn’t the only subtle method the Dark Side uses. It’s also the psychological use of the opposites — war means peace — we have to kill people to save people; we have to destroy your Constitutional rights by invading your life in order to save you from terrorists; we have to take away your freedom so that the terrorists can’t take away your freedom.
And nuclear energy is better than solar energy…our satanists will work hard for you at the nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, we will bury nuclear waste into one of the most sacred places on Earth — the Black Hills — so that we can destroy the heart of all.

**edited to add:  When I was in college, circa 1999, I was doing research when I came across an MIT page where they were discussing their atheism and how to go about creating better Public Relations in order to gain public acceptance.  Now I am beginning to see that this was not a group of folks who did not believe in God, bur rather, they appear to have been the seeds to actively feeding the Dark Side.

Medical Doctor Exposes Corruption

You might recall my other posts  herhttps://wordpress.com/post/sunlightonthewater.wordpress.com/10523e and here on Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ videos explaining her findings on adverse reactions to vaccines including kidney damage.

In this video, she explains more corruption by Big Pharma in that the flu vaccine (which you will be hearing about in Big Media in the next month or two) actually compromises your immune system.  Yes, yes, you read that right– the influenza vaccine actually “prevents you from being able to deal with other strains of influenza the year after you’ve been (given the) shot…” (at 09:47 in the tape).

She goes on to say that it INCREASES viral shedding, which means we actually expose more people to the virus– the exact opposite of what they tell people — that the shot will protect others from getting the flu from you.  Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

It is sooo heartening that she mentions other doctors and nurses who will not go along with Big Pharma and Big Medicine and refuse to vaccinate.  And it’s also dis-heartening that they have to go about it quietly because Big Pharma Gestapo is ready to push pressure on politicians, medical boards, etc., to pull their licenses or label them as a quack so that no one will patronize them.

I also like that Dr. Humphries emphasizes that you don’t have to have a degree in biology to understand this stuff.  It’s not rocket science.  All one has to understand is that our bodies are miracles and that everything has been provided for us in our food, water, air, plants., etc., to keep us healthy.  This has been one of the most eye-opening factors of being poisoned with heavy metals.  I have gotten better using natural methods of chelation and natural plants to support my body while it recovers and heals.  In fact, I could not take manufactured pain relievers such as ibuprofen or even aspirin when I was very, very sick.  That tells me a great deal.

When Dr. Humphries talks about aluminum, she mentions that it quickly leaves the body once ingested.   It is important to emphasize that aluminum DOES NOT come out of the body as quickly when one is heavy metal toxic with mercury.  The evil mercury prevents aluminum from being excreted from the body, so it accumulates in the brain.  That is why they suspect mercury poisoning is contributing to Alzheimer’s.

She mentions that it can cause your body to attack its own tissue.  This is another factor in heavy metal toxicity.  Lots of autoimmune disorders can be traced to heavy metals.

Dr. Humphries mentions vaccinepapers.org as a reference website for more in-depth vaccine info.



Daniele Watts

Reblogging this because I see our civil rights fading away. I wonder why more folks are not standing up for their civil rights….


Has claimed that she was handcuffed because of racism.   She was kissing her white boyfriend in public and was handcuffed….when she refused to give identification.

I don’t know if race is involved.  I know that this nearly happened to me in Fort Wayne when I refused to give my social security number or my birthdate to an out of control fire fighter.

She was absolutely within her Fourth Amendment rights not to give her identification if she was not being arrested.  I have paralegal training, and the attorney teaching the class on the Fourth Amendment told us that unless we were under arrest, we did not have to give out any information, and did not have to have our persons or our vehicles searched without our permission.  He said all the client had to do was ask if they were under arrest.

This Amendment was put into place…

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Imperial Metals office in Vancouver occupied

Sometimes I think only the Native nations are the ones willing to lay down their lives for the environment.

Warrior Publications

Imperial Metals occupied 1 In this photo, land defenders occupy the offices of Imperial Metal in Vancouver, Canada.  The president of Imperial Metals, Bryan Kynoch, stands behind them.



Two years after the Mount Polley disaster, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and Ancestral Pride had an action today to show Imperial Metals that we will escalate resistance until they cease and desist all mining operation in our Indigenous territories. Imperial Metals ordered thirty police offers to violently assault Indigenous women and supporters, with four arrests and many bruised bodies. But our spirits are high and we know the world is watching, we have support from around the world. We are holding their responsible for the violence against Indigenous lands and Indigenous women. We sent a message to investors and shareholders, including President Brian Kynoch who was in the office…

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Industry off the hook for mercury monitoring at mill that poisoned Grassy Narrows First Nation

…and on it goes. Industry poisons people while politicians look the other way. Industry makes $$$ and then suddenly doesn’t have the money to clean up its own messes. Never mind that it should not have been poisoning people in the first place…but its business, and we can *always* move to another place once we poison this water, this land, this air…oh, wait…we’re running out of places that have clean air, clean water, and clean land.

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dryden-mill Former owners of the paper mill in Dryden, Ont. are not liable for remediation orders from the Ontario government, a court ruled. (Louis-Phillippe Leblanc/Radio-Canada)

Deal struck by Ontario in 1979 to save Dryden mill continues to indemnify Weyerhaeuser, Resolute, court rules

By Jody Porter, CBC News, August 9, 2016

Taxpayers, not industry, will have to pay for environmental monitoring at a pulp mill in Dryden, Ont., infamous for its poisoning of people in two northern Ontario First Nations, according to a recent ruling by an Ontario court.

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