Saving A Holy Place: Bear Butte

I read with sadness about a threat towards a Native holy place: Bear Butte, South Dakota.

The writer is not exaggerating when she talks about the sacredness of this place.  As I have written about before, there are sacred places on Earth where there is a special connection to God.

Bear Butte is one of those places.

God’s presence is evident there.

There are issues already with disrespectful visitors who disregard the request to speak in whispers and not interrupt those praying there by talking loudly or gawking at those praying.  Full Throttle Saloon would impose yet another disrespectful trampling of Native and other’s rights to pray and meditate and try to connect with God, the Creator of Bear Butte.

My hope is that my dear readers will click on the link at the bottom of the piece and contact Full Throttle Saloon and request that they redesign their plans for the new building away from Bear Butte.  A bar is a bar and can be constructed any place…but a sacred place such as Bear Butte, where Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse prayed, cannot be replaced, duplicated, or constructed.



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