Another type of medical coercion…

this is just unreal.  I think the term is “pharmaceutical straitjacket”.  They don’t put you in cloth straitjackets anymore…they just destroy your physical, mental, emotional wellbeing with legal drug poisoning.  This is just reprehensible.

We are once again back to mental and physical health providers using absolute power to have absolute control over a person’s body.  Welcome back to the Dark Ages, folks.

What medical doctors and psychiatrists want is COMPLIANCE.  It is all about their egos, as one commenter stated.  It is all about power.

Another story here.

Why are these drugs being pushed??  I have been reading about them for over fifteen years and over and over again, I have seen antidepressants cause great harm with little benefit.  In fact, heavy metal toxicity has been associated with depression. So has low thyroid. Wanna bet that none of these pompous fools have investigated those possibilities before drugging up their patient?

I had read a well-curated blog about tapering written by a man who, like I, was struggling to get off his antidepressant. Many readers registered comments about turmoil they confronted when dealing with their doctors, whether having their meds changed, or general dismissals about their tapering symptoms, or the readiness of doctors to mix in additional drugs to quell the effects of the antidepressant. The sentiment seemed fairly prevalent that, among the other of the multiple challenges patients face while trying to get off these drugs, one of the most formidable was the doctors themselves.




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