Saving A Holy Place: Bear Butte

I read with sadness about a threat towards a Native holy place: Bear Butte, South Dakota.

The writer is not exaggerating when she talks about the sacredness of this place.  As I have written about before, there are sacred places on Earth where there is a special connection to God.

Bear Butte is one of those places.

God’s presence is evident there.

There are issues already with disrespectful visitors who disregard the request to speak in whispers and not interrupt those praying there by talking loudly or gawking at those praying.  Full Throttle Saloon would impose yet another disrespectful trampling of Native and other’s rights to pray and meditate and try to connect with God, the Creator of Bear Butte.

My hope is that my dear readers will click on the link at the bottom of the piece and contact Full Throttle Saloon and request that they redesign their plans for the new building away from Bear Butte.  A bar is a bar and can be constructed any place…but a sacred place such as Bear Butte, where Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse prayed, cannot be replaced, duplicated, or constructed.


Saving South Dakota

On July 22nd, an engineer is selling, er I mean, discussing, the underground nuclear waste dump…um, I mean, research laboratory.  It puts a nice spin on it, when you call it “research”, doesn’t it??  Clearly, this guy is going to market the idea to people–this is not about giving information to the public so that they can decide whether this is a wise decision or not.  The way that this project has been shoved through without much public input tells you that it is not what the public wants nor needs.

We have report after report on nuclear waste leaking at other sites:  New Mexico and Washington StateHere’s another report on it.

I don’t care about geology supporting it here in South Dakota.  It’s not natural and not supposed to be in the Earth.  It will come back to bite us in the arse…we have seen this over and over.  The arrogance is astounding.

They voted against this in the UK, and that is why they want to bring their waste here!!

This decision shows that dumping waste in uncertain geology near one of the country’s most pristine national parks is not a solution. Ministers must now re-consider their nuclear ambitions and turn their attention instead to clean, sustainable and renewable energy.” (Leila Deen, Greenpeace)

Yeah, so the proposed site is near the pristine and beautiful Black Hills…so again, they want to bring the waste and dump it here??

Evidence given by Prof Stuart Haszeldine (Haszeldine), a geologist at the University of Edinburgh, played an important part in raising concern. He said: “This has been a very short-sighted policy, run by driving local councils into volunteering for the wrong reasons: financial inducements. A lot of information is being suppressed in the process to entice councils into accepting technically flawed sites.

In my humble opinion, there are NO sites that are NOT flawed.  And I am sure the information given out is not telling the whole truth about a sites ability to keep the waste from leaking into the ground or water or air.

Ultimately, do we believe in evidence-based policy or political opportunism to exploit communities with limited economic opportunities?”  


It just boggles the mind that nuclear power was given the go ahead without a clear way of disposing of nuclear waste.  And the benefits versus costs of nuclear power is not sustainable.  As Ralph Nader once said — nuclear power is an expensive way to boil water.

This is especially bad when we have the resources, like solar power, to create power.  We have the ability to go off-grid and create our own power source.  This would be the best way to a) create independence for folks; and b) create an energy usage awareness for folks so that they conserve energy with the knowledge of their responsibility.  One has to ask why this hasn’t been pushed by the government, when they are creating such fear and panic about terrorists?  Isn’t creating one’s own power a way to thwart terrorists?  Why would we even have nuclear energy with the accompanying waste sites that could become targets for terrorists?

Here’s a really good article on nuclear waste by riverkeeper.

Each reactor routinely emits relatively low-dose amounts of airborne and liquid radioactivity. This radioactivity represents over 100 different isotopes only produced in reactors and atomic bombs, including Strontium-89, Strontium-90, Cesium-137, and Iodine-131. Humans ingest them either by inhalation, or through the food chain (after airborne radioactivity returns these chemicals to earth).

Each of these chemicals has a special biochemical action; iodine seeks out the thyroid gland, strontium clumps to the bone and teeth (like calcium), and cesium is distributed throughout the soft tissues. All are carcinogenic. Each decays at varying rates; for example, iodine-131 has a half-life of eight days, and remains in the body only a few weeks. Strontium-90 has a half-life of 28.7 years, and thus remains in bone and teeth for many years.

These chemicals are different from “background” radiation found in nature in cosmic rays and the earth’s surface. Background radiation, while still harmful, contains no chemicals that specifically attack the thyroid gland, bones, or other organs.

I love that they make the point that background radiation is different than nuclear radiation.  A favorite talking point of nuclear regulatory commission and nuclear power advocates is to claim that there is natural radiation in the atmosphere….therefore, one cannot escape radiation…so it’s okay to poison us with nuclear radiation.  Um-hmmm.

(It’s important to note that radioactive iodine is bad for you — but iodine itself is a needed component of the thyroid to function properly.  That’s why the thyroid takes such a big hit — it recognizes the iodine and grabs it, but the radioactive part destroys the thyroid.  The only thing I know of that counteracts radioactive iodine is potassium.  That is why they were handing out potassium tablets when the Three Mile Island (1979) accident happened.)

What the Thompsons say they found out during their time inside TMI suggests radiation releases from the plant were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than the government and industry have acknowledged — high enough to cause the acute health effects documented in people living near the plant but that have been dismissed by the industry and the government as impossible given official radiation dose estimates.

This carries more weight for me than anything the government nuclear scientists say.  They are protecting their jobs and the Thompsons were trying to inform the public about what truly happened at Three Mile Island…and they paid for it…

The Thompsons tried to draw attention to their findings and provide health information for people living near the plant, but what they say happened next reads like a John Grisham thriller.

They tell of how a stranger approached Randall Thompson in a grocery store parking lot in late April 1979 and warned him his life was at risk, leading the family to flee Pennsylvania. How they ended up in New Mexico working on a book about their experiences with the help of Joy’s brother Charles Busey, another nuclear Navy vet and a former worker at the Hatch nuclear power plant in Georgia. How one evening while driving home from the store Busey and Randall Thompson were run off the road, injuring Thompson and killing Busey. How a copy of the book manuscript they were working on was missing from the car’s trunk after the accident. These allegations were detailed in several newspaper accounts back in 1981.

I strongly encourage you to click on the “interviews” link in the story.  I can’t link to it here because it is a PDF file.

It includes the story of Jean Trimmer, a farmer who lived in Lisburn, Pa. about 10 miles west of TMI. On the evening of March 30, 1979, Trimmer stepped outside on her front porch to fetch her cat when she was hit with a blast of heat and rain. Soon after, her skin became red and itchy as if badly sunburned, a condition known as erythema. About three weeks later, her hair turned white and began falling out. Not long after, she reported, her left kidney “just dried up and disappeared” — an occurrence so strange that her case was presented to a symposium of doctors at the nearby Hershey Medical Center. All of those symptoms are consistent with high-dose radiation exposure.

There was also Bill Peters, an auto-body shop owner and a former justice of the peace who lived just a few miles west of the plant in Etters, Pa. The day after the disaster, he and his son — who like most area residents were unaware of what was unfolding nearby — were working in their garage with the doors open when they developed what they first thought was a bad sunburn. They also experienced burning in their throats and tasted what seemed to be metal in the air. That same metallic taste was reported by many local residents and is another symptom of radiation exposure, commonly reported in cancer patients receiving radiation therapy.

Peters soon developed diarrhea and nausea, blisters on his lips and inside his nose, and a burning feeling in his chest. Not long after, he had surgery for a damaged heart valve. When his family evacuated the area a few days later, they left their four-year-old German shepherd in their garage with 200 pounds of dog chow, 50 gallons of water and a mattress. When they returned a week later, they found the dog dead on the mattress, his eyes burnt completely white. His food was untouched, and he had vomited water all over the garage. They also found four of their five cats dead — their eyes also burnt white — and one alive but blinded. Peters later found scores of wild bird carcasses scattered over their property.

Chilling, isn’t it??  The stuff of horror movies…only it’s real.

If you want to see a good film, watch The China Syndrome, about just such an event.  It was eerie that the film was released just a month or two before the TMI accident.

Meanwhile, they’re putting signs for “race for the cure” for cancer all over the city….while they spray cancer-causing chemicals on their perfect, weed-free lawns with a nuclear waste dump in the neighborhood.  Yep.






‘Global industry challenges’ delay LNG Canada’s Kitimat project

Warrior Publications

LNG tanker Japan A liquefied natural gas tanker arrives at Sodegaura city in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo. There were conditions placed on marine routes and speeds after an environmental assessment of the LNG Canada project. (STR/AFP/Getty )

Consortium says liquefied natural gas facility in Kitimat, B.C., still ‘a promising opportunity’

The Canadian Press, July 12, 2016

Instability in global energy markets has caused the international partners in a proposed liquefied natural gas project in Kitimat, B.C., to delay their final decision on the venture indefinitely.

LNG Canada CEO Andy Calitz said in a conference call Monday that a drop in natural gas prices around the world, particularly in Asia, has made the project too expensive for now.

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Parents shut down school in protest

of vaccine harm caused to their children.  It’s really sad that this is the way America used to be…people protesting and standing up for their rights.  Parents know their children and they also have that keen instinct when something is wrong with their child.  Yet they are told over and over by authorities that they don’t know what they are talking about…meanwhile the authorities pompously claim to know what is best for someone’s child AND that they have the child’s best interest at heart (better than the parents, that is).  What a joke of arrogant egos.


Video: Keepers of the Coast -Trailer

This is a wonderful example of how Native folk are the first environmentalists. They lived here for over 10,000 years (U.S. and Canada) and managed the environment very well. They were careful to not take more than they needed. As this video states — they think to generations ahead and plan accordingly. They recognize that nature requires balance.

Warrior Publications

by Aaron Heidt, Vimeo, June 2016

Keepers of the Coast takes a close look at how the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv Nations are stewarding our marine territories.

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Judge Denies Temporary Restraining Order In Lawsuit To Overturn US Compulsory Vaccination Laws [California] – Hearing Not Taken Place With Defendants Present

The problem is that damage done is not recognized by brain-dead doctors and certainly not Big Pharma. And the damage may not appear immediately after a vaccination, and the law only gives a person a two year window to file a lawsuit. If one is unaware of that, and unaware that their mysterious symptoms are directly related to vaccination…they are SOL. The problem with the laws are that they favor corporations. Lupron/Synarel is one such drug that is having devastating effects on women and Big Pharma has done everything to prevent information about the damage caused by it from ever seeing the light of day. A judge is known to have hidden, er I mean, kept the case files in his chambers until the time limit had run out. Big Pharma apparently has judges and others in their back pocket.

____________________Child Health Safety_________________

As reported on CHS a lawsuit was filed in California on July 1 challenging the validity of California’s Senate Bill [SB] 277:  Massive Lawsuit Just Filed To Overturn US Compulsory Vaccination Laws [California]

SB 277 is in effect a law to introduce compulsory vaccination indirectly.

The lawsuit included an application for an immediate but temporary order without the Defendants and their Attorney’s being notified and present at a hearing and to restrain implementation of SB 277 until there is a hearing.

Under US law this can be done with evidence of immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage and of efforts to notify the Defendant and why the order should be granted without the Defendants being present and heard in Court.

San Diego Federal Judge Dana M. Sabraw has denied the application for the immediate restraining order without notice writing in her decision:

there are no allegations that…

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Another type of medical coercion…

this is just unreal.  I think the term is “pharmaceutical straitjacket”.  They don’t put you in cloth straitjackets anymore…they just destroy your physical, mental, emotional wellbeing with legal drug poisoning.  This is just reprehensible.

We are once again back to mental and physical health providers using absolute power to have absolute control over a person’s body.  Welcome back to the Dark Ages, folks.

What medical doctors and psychiatrists want is COMPLIANCE.  It is all about their egos, as one commenter stated.  It is all about power.

Another story here.

Why are these drugs being pushed??  I have been reading about them for over fifteen years and over and over again, I have seen antidepressants cause great harm with little benefit.  In fact, heavy metal toxicity has been associated with depression. So has low thyroid. Wanna bet that none of these pompous fools have investigated those possibilities before drugging up their patient?

I had read a well-curated blog about tapering written by a man who, like I, was struggling to get off his antidepressant. Many readers registered comments about turmoil they confronted when dealing with their doctors, whether having their meds changed, or general dismissals about their tapering symptoms, or the readiness of doctors to mix in additional drugs to quell the effects of the antidepressant. The sentiment seemed fairly prevalent that, among the other of the multiple challenges patients face while trying to get off these drugs, one of the most formidable was the doctors themselves.



Actor Rob Schneider speaks out on medical tyranny

From Vaccine Impact.

The fact that Congress and the Supreme Court have given pharmaceutical companies and doctors COMPLETE IMMUNITY from product liability and personal injury lawsuits is a big red flag for parents being pressured to give their children dozens of doses of “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines. Parents look around and see so many chronically ill children in America, even though most children have gotten the CDC recommended 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age six. That is twice as many vaccinations as children got in the early 1980’s and three times as many vaccinations as children get in Europe.

–It’s also important to note that when this law was made, vaccine manufacturers were being sued big time for their faulty product.  It just boggles the mind that a law was enacted to give Big Pharma profits without responsibility.