Taking a walk… **edited

I was out taking a walk today, and saw what I think is a young rattler.

I’m walking along a dirt road, and see something in the middle of the road…

At first, I’m confused, because it looked like it might be roadkill.

…and then I see a snake’s head.

…and then I see the outline of either a squirrel or a baby groundhog.

…inside the snake’s skin.

Yep.  Apparently, I got there just after the snake had ingested it.  Could have done without that visual.  Blech.

I know, I know, it has to eat, too.  And it keeps down the rodent population.

But, yeah, not a pleasant sight.

Here’s to the balance of nature. *clink*

**edited to add:  when researching what snake it could have been, I was surprised to learn that the rattlers had begun to have curved, or limp, rattles.  They have learned that the rattling will get them killed via gun or shovel, so they are now silent and go about their business.  The rattler has been so portrayed as aggressive in movies…but from what I have read, snakes generally do not act aggressively, but are more afraid of you and will move away rather than attack.


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