The Gift **edited

Reblogging this — I added a few more thoughts…


I am surrounded by such beauty that I can’t wrap my brain around those that toss their plastic shopping bags, trash bags, cups, and other un-natural stuff into streams, on to the land, and so on.

It reeeaaally makes no sense when these folks are out admiring the beauty of nature…then toss their trash on the ground.  Hello??

I can’t get enough of the beauty. I stand there in awe at the peacefulness.  The stillness…and then a bird sings its song.  The gentle water flows over the river stones. I walk along, and the energy of the more rapid water is felt as it crashes over the boulders.  A beaver wisely builds its home among the security of the stone hill.  A family of geese take note of the human and take off for the other shore side.  Baby loons ride on their mother’s back and she swims away to…

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