Steve Barr– Who Ditched His New Orleans School Renovation Commitment– Wants to Become Mayor of Los Angeles

It never ceases to amaze me how complete and utter failures can continue getting away with not being held accountable…meanwhile, getting big taxpayer bucks to siphon off funds from truly worthy causes. Meh.


The Los Angeles Times reports that Green Dot charter schools founder Steve Barr plans to run for mayor of Los Angeles in 2017.

The Times considers Barr a long shot– unless current Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti lands a position with Hillary Clinton (assuming Clinton is elected president in 2016).

Barr is a greaseball. I wrote about him in my first book, Chronicle of Echoes, for his assisting Ben Austin in launching Parent Revolution, the astroturf group that manufactures faux-grass roots discontent enabling so-called parent takeover of schools so that said schools might be turned over to charter operation.

Barr also was supposed to manage and renovate a New Orleans school, McDonogh Senior High, and after two years of doing nothing, Barr bailed on the project. No big deal to him, of course, since New Orleans is 1,900 miles from Los Angeles, and any bad press from bailing on a…

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Reflections (Literally) – Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Puddles tooting…haha….I love how the young ones look at the world! I love Carol’s imagination of bushes growing from asphalt. I think of a picture a former boss had in her office — it was a *cough* weed growing up through a crack in the pavement. I think the word underneath was “determination” or something similar. I think of that picture every time I see nature triumphantly growing through such adversity. 🙂

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

I should be editing today, but I promised my granddaughter I would share this story. We didn’t have a chance to work on it together so I’m writing it for her.

More fierce storms rolled through on Saturday evening when my granddaughter was spending the night. She grew frightened as the sky darkened and warnings about severe storms headed our way sounded on the radio.

She was on the verge of tears. “Ahma, where can we hide?

I have another idea, Sweetie,” I replied. “Let’s go outside and offer tobacco with a prayer. I’ll teach you how. The lightening and rain haven’t come yet so there’s still time.”

I showed her the garden I had chosen, but she found her own special garden by the ninebark bush. When she finished, she smiled and we went inside and read a story.


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Taking a walk… **edited

I was out taking a walk today, and saw what I think is a young rattler.

I’m walking along a dirt road, and see something in the middle of the road…

At first, I’m confused, because it looked like it might be roadkill.

…and then I see a snake’s head.

…and then I see the outline of either a squirrel or a baby groundhog.

…inside the snake’s skin.

Yep.  Apparently, I got there just after the snake had ingested it.  Could have done without that visual.  Blech.

I know, I know, it has to eat, too.  And it keeps down the rodent population.

But, yeah, not a pleasant sight.

Here’s to the balance of nature. *clink*

**edited to add:  when researching what snake it could have been, I was surprised to learn that the rattlers had begun to have curved, or limp, rattles.  They have learned that the rattling will get them killed via gun or shovel, so they are now silent and go about their business.  The rattler has been so portrayed as aggressive in movies…but from what I have read, snakes generally do not act aggressively, but are more afraid of you and will move away rather than attack.


Dr. Bradstreet update

I’ve been following the death investigation of Dr. Bradstreet that I posted here.

The family has finally made a statement in a video here:


This is so little, but at least they have some evidence that it was murder…which we all pretty much knew.  Please say a prayer for them and the investigators that the truth will come to light and those responsible for taking someone’s life for profit will be held accountable.  That would be refreshing, wouldn’t it??  🙂


Video: Algonquin protecting sacred site in Ottawa

This is like knocking over a Christian church to build condos. It would be met with the same disapproval from Christians as with the Native tribe. These sacred sites are deemed by God, in my opinion, as Holy places. They have a special positive energy to them that is God’s alone. Satan cannot touch them because positive energy only comes from God. There is no negative energy in Heaven. These sites are a connection to God, which should be treated as such.

Warrior Publications

Posted to Youtube by Equitable Education, June 27, 2016

cover screen

See video below.

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The Gift **edited

Reblogging this — I added a few more thoughts…


I am surrounded by such beauty that I can’t wrap my brain around those that toss their plastic shopping bags, trash bags, cups, and other un-natural stuff into streams, on to the land, and so on.

It reeeaaally makes no sense when these folks are out admiring the beauty of nature…then toss their trash on the ground.  Hello??

I can’t get enough of the beauty. I stand there in awe at the peacefulness.  The stillness…and then a bird sings its song.  The gentle water flows over the river stones. I walk along, and the energy of the more rapid water is felt as it crashes over the boulders.  A beaver wisely builds its home among the security of the stone hill.  A family of geese take note of the human and take off for the other shore side.  Baby loons ride on their mother’s back and she swims away to…

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How Dare the Media Reframe History?

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Bravo for the post — Wounded Knee is the elephant in the room.  If they just ignore it, they hope it will go away. They murdered over 400 unarmed people who were practicing their religion.

As I posted about Lost Bird — it just rippled out with victims who even might have survived, but died a thousand deaths in a tragic life as a result of her people being massacred at Wounded Knee.

Lost Bird post:





I finally was able to get a copy of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride from the library.

(A little warning here–a little gross, so if you’re eating breakfast or lunch, probably not the time to read this.:)

p. 11-12

…in 1998 Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Free Hospital in London and his team published their research, suggesting a connection between chronic inflammatory bowel disease and autism.


Dr. Wakefield and his team have identified a condition in the bowel of those children, which they named Ileal-Lymphoid-Nodular Hyperplasia and Non-specific Colitis. […] Ileum is a name given to the last three-fifths of the small intestine. […] The major function of the small intestine in general is food absorption.  However, not much food absorption happens in the ileum.  The walls of this part of the small intestine are packed with large numbers of…

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Please Read Bill Mathis’ Profound Reflection on the Public Purpose of Education in America


According to his biography posted at the National Education Policy Center, “William J. Mathis is the managing director of the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado Boulder and the former superintendent of schools for the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union in Brandon, Vermont. He was a National Superintendent of the Year finalist and a Vermont Superintendent of the Year. He currently serves on the Vermont State Board of Education and chairs the legislative committee.”  Bill Mathis brings a long career of experience—a local, state, and federal perspective—to his thinking about public schools.  An excellent writer, Mathis has penned a short defense of the public role of public schools in the United States.  I urge you to read Mathis’ paper in full.  Here is just a taste.

“We have made great progress in establishing a universal education system, as evidenced by graduation rates being at an all-time high. …

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Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

It was with sadness that I learned of Muhammad Ali’s passing…yet another icon of the 70s, the Vietnam War, and people actually standing up for their beliefs, no matter how much they are punished.

Ali stood up to the war profiteers and bullies with dignity and morals and ethics.  Rare to see that nowadays.

Here’s a video clip of how eloquent Ali was:

“No Vietcong ever called me “nigger”‘  was a classic line.  So was his stance that these were poor people and he wasn’t going to fight the poor.

When I was growing up, I used to think boxing was okay and admired Ali for his skill.  But as I grew more aware of how awful boxing was — people beating the sh*t out of one another until one was senseless…and betting on the outcome — was morally wrong.    And being entertained by it is equally morally wrong.

Rest in Peace, Muhammad.