Fool me once…

Here is a good piece on dumping nuclear waste onto South Dakota.  As the article asserts, energy companies have a history of lying to the public about the safety and intentions of a project.  We all know how radioactive energy kills people.

We saw this just recently in Fukushima…where we are still seeing the devastation of this disaster.  We all know how the public officials lied to the public to cover up just how terrible this incident was.

Nuclear waste for a national nuclear dump in South Dakota would most likely be hauled on Interstates 90 and 29,

Yep. I already see this with the explosion of roadwork with paths leading from Interstate 90.  The pace for building this path of Death is at warp speed.  They clearly know that what they are doing is against public opinion, so they are working at a furious pace to circumvent public outcry and public resistance.   Creeps.

We see how even if all precautions are taken, nature can and does destroy nuclear power plants.  That is out of our control, for the most part.  Geoengineering is quite dangerous for its ability to manufacture weather.  As the article states, storing inside the Earth is also a crap shoot.  The record for safety clearly indicates that the fit will hit the shan at some point in time.

So…the common tactic by energy companies and politicians who sold out is to downplay the poisonous repercussions and promote it as a jobs creator.  This article mentions Heather Wilson, president of School of Mines.  Based on what I observe, the students have no respect for South Dakota, the Black Hills, and nature in general.  They trash the Hills with beer cans, plastic bottles, fast food wrappers, mattresses, broken furniture, and so on.   They clearly have contempt for the beautiful and spiritual Black Hills.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or rock scientist) to see that they don’t value the Earth, other than what can be extracted without giving back.  And no, putting nuclear waste into the Earth is not “giving back”, but further raping the Earth…


Spent Nuclear Fuel:
Spent nuclear fuel would be deadly for 250,000 years or more.
Spent nuclear fuel contains long lived deadly radioactive isotopes.
Isotope half lives are the time it takes for the radioactivity to decay by half the original amount.

Uranium – half life up to 4.4 billion years depending on what isotope of Uranium
Plutonium – half life 7000 to 80.8 million years depending on what isotope of Plutonium
Neptunium 237 – half life 2,144,000 years
Americium 241 – half life 432.2 years
Curium – half life up to 340000 years depending on what isotope of Curium
Iodine 129 – half life 15.7 million years
Technetium-99 – half life 211,000 years
Zirconium 93 – half life 1.53 million years
Cesium 135 – half life  2.3 million years
Cesium 137 – half life 30 years
Strontium 90 – half life 28.8 years


If our ability to grow food or breathe clean air or drink clean water is destroyed, having money in the hand from a job is not going to help us.  Like the Natives have said, you can’t eat money.

It is shortsighted in that our children and grandchildren will be paying the tab for one to have a job in the present.

This goes back to the prior post of The Gift — living in harmony with nature, not destroying it.



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