Indiana teacher grants comfort the comfortable

To those not of Indiana–Carmel is the snob capital of Indiana and possibly the world…and Zionsville isn’t far behind, from what I am told…
They are the type of communities that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. I have seen this happening for some time, however, as I was shocked when Lilly Endowment began awarding scholarships to children of well-to-do parents in the town I grew up in. They had more than enough money to send their 1.5 children to college, but were greedy in taking money that could have helped a poor but gifted child to attend college. No shame.

School Matters

You hear a lot about the idea that teachers should be rewarded with higher pay for agreeing to work in the most challenging school districts, the ones with the highest percentages of poor children.

We do things differently in Indiana. Under the state’s Teacher Performance Grant program, created by the legislature and included in state law, we are rewarding teachers in low-poverty schools.

It probably wasn’t intentional, but it’s worked out that way. The grants are awarded to school corporations according to a formula that includes the passing rate on ISTEP exams, high school graduation rates and year-to-year improvement on both.

In practice, the more affluent schools – which tend to have higher test scores and graduation rates – get the bigger grants. The school corporations decide how to divvy up the money among teachers who are rated highly effective or effective.

The Indiana Department of Education informed schools of

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