The Gift **edited

I am surrounded by such beauty that I can’t wrap my brain around those that toss their plastic shopping bags, trash bags, cups, and other un-natural stuff into streams, on to the land, and so on.

It reeeaaally makes no sense when these folks are out admiring the beauty of nature…then toss their trash on the ground.  Hello??

I can’t get enough of the beauty. I stand there in awe at the peacefulness.  The stillness…and then a bird sings its song.  The gentle water flows over the river stones. I walk along, and the energy of the more rapid water is felt as it crashes over the boulders.  A beaver wisely builds its home among the security of the stone hill.  A family of geese take note of the human and take off for the other shore side.  Baby loons ride on their mother’s back and she swims away to safety.  Trees as tall as three story buildings tower over me with their gentle shield.  Dogs come running by as they chase one another and plow into the water, as happy as can be.  Freedom.  A puppy sees the reed I am holding  (after using it to pluck yet another plastic bag out of the water), and comes running over, wanting to play with it.  “Twelve weeks old,”  the owner states, after I inquire to its age.

And this Gift was just given to us…no payment required…just live in harmony with nature, and it’s there forever.

I don’t believe that we were commanded to be lords over nature and destroy it…or see it as an adversary, like we were at war with nature, as I posted here.

Why would we be commanded to destroy something God created?

My belief is that part of the Spiritual War going on now is to destroy nature….because *Who* would want to destroy something that God created?

Who would want to put nuclear waste in the Earth to further destroy the Earth?  Well, we know the War Industry benefits off of nuclear weaponry…so…

…it’s my personal opinion that the Dark Side wants to destroy nature.

It’s like God gave us a gift and we said “F” you…not even realizing we are feeding the Dark Side…doing satan’s work, if you will, without IT having to even ask us to sell our souls.

**edited to add:  there was a trash bag too far into the creek for me to fetch it out.  I had tried to get a large branch to pluck it out, with no luck.  Then I tried taking off my shoes and wading out…but the muck was so deep that my foot sunk six or so inches down.  I felt I was taking a big risk in that some careless person might have thrown a broken bottle into the creek.  So I glumly looked at this bag every time I visited the creek.

I would see fisherman there, but no one voluntarily took the bag out of the water…baffling, isn’t it?  I mean, they get their food out of this water, and this plastic, which contributes pollutants such as endocrine/hormone disruptors, was in the water.  Finally, I saw a fisherman there and asked him if he would fish (pun intended) it out for me.  He did.  I asked for a Blessing for him to have plenty of fish and to be respectful of the water.  Hope my prayers were answered.  🙂





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