Shutting down communications

You know, the first thing that a country does to another when they are at war is to shut down communications.

When you think about the lack of true reporting in the media, one can see that breaking communications is a very effective tool.  Americans are deliberately kept in the dark about what is happening in their own country.


I’ve been experiencing unprecedented interference with my personal email account.  All of them have prevented me from readily accessing them.  All at the same time.  There is no such thing as coincidence.

I have also noticed an unprecedented denial of information across the internet.  This I have noticed increased within the last six months.  But truly, it has been longer that information has been denied — with Yahoo! and Google deciding for me what information I will see.  They always couch it in terms of “preferences” to give the viewer a “better experience”.  Um-hmmm.  Did I ask google or Yahoo to do this? NO.  So why do they pretend that they are performing some service when the viewer has not requested such?

Why, if they are truly concerned about security, would they *even* have a “keep me logged in” box??  That is a great security risk.


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