MH 370, the dream, and the *evidence*

Okay, so I’m still following the story of MH370, the Malaysian flight that disappeared.

Reports are saying that the airplane blew apart the minute it hit the water. This is based on a piece of a torn plane that they guess is part of MH370…then they guess that the plane blew apart because of that piece.  They have been saying that all along the plane blew apart when it hit the ocean…based on nothing.  Now we suddenly have pieces of *A plane* showing up years after the plane disappeared.  How convenient.

We saw that a huge plane like that land on the Hudson River and remain in one piece…so it is not impossible.  They ruled this out before having any evidence to support the plane breaking apart upon impact.  That is beyond irresponsible.

There have been many plane crashes over the years and this debris could be from ANY of them.  Notes on crashed flights TWA 800, PanAm 214.  It should be noted that both flights were manufactured by Boeing, but different models.  I couldn’t bring up pictures of the 747 or 707, but I would guess that they both have the same markings as the Boeing plane of MH370.  In keeping an open mind, one could say that although PanAm214 crashed on land, the debris could be planted somewhere else.

My dream was so powerful, that I am standing by it.  What I saw was the plane at the bottom of the ocean, everyone still strapped in their seats, with the exception of the three bodies I saw float to the top.  The feeling that I got was that they had something to do with the plane going down.  These people were seated in the left side of the plane as one faces the front.  They were possibly seated in the first three seats as one enters the passenger area.  I’m also sensing there was one behind a row or two…so either two were seated in the first three seats, or all three were…a little fuzzy there.

That dream was as lucid as any I have ever had.  There was a reason that I was shown this.  Sometimes I don’t always know why I am shown things, but with the suspicious nature of the plane’s disappearance and the link to the Rothschilds, one has to be open to dark motives.

I stand by the dream, as it came from God.  I trust in God, and do not trust in men and women who may be working for the Dark side.  Time will tell what and why I was shown this…



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