Ginger Bug

I read a post on fermented lemonade…it sounded so yummy, but I cannot tolerate whey (not recommended on GAPS diet nor on the autism diet against gluten, dairy, soy, and corn). So I went searching for another way to ferment lemonade, and found this wordpress page. I can’t experiment with it right now, but plan to as soon as possible…fermented lemonade sounds refreshing as well as good for you with probiotics. Enjoy.

The Zero-Waste Chef

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I have posted pics of my ginger bug on Instagram a couple of times but without directions. When people then ask how to actually make the ginger bug, they probably want more guidance than “mix some ginger, sugar and water together and add more daily for about five days.” But really, that’s about all you do.

Like a sourdough starter, to make a ginger bug, you transform basic ingredients—rather microbes covering the ginger and floating around in your kitchen transform them—into wonderful yeasty goodness that you can then use to ferment your recipe. Also like a sourdough starter, your ginger bug needs regular feeding. I would love to take on more starters but I have hit my limit at four. They are like pets. I don’t want wind up the crazy cat lady of fermentation.

If you have been yearning to concoct some…

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