Show me the money…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted this — I’ve recently had to re-commit to not buying sweatshop clothing. I was offered a gift certificate to purchase clothing at stores that stock nothing but sweatshop clothing. I was afraid that I would appear ungrateful because I refused the gift…this is, as I see it, about spirituality as well as conscience — do unto others as I would wish others means not supporting corporate slave owners that make millions off of clothing while paying workers a $1 a day.


Adidas is not paying workers of a factory closed even though they have promised to adhere to a code of conduct.

After I became aware of the use of sweatshops for clothing, I started to deny my kids certain clothing they wanted because it was made in a country operating sweatshops.  I recall yelling matches with one of my daughters because she couldn’t have the “cool” clothes these stores were selling.

At my university, there was a hunger-strike because the university was using sweatshops for its apparel.  There was a lively discussion on it in one of the classes (a rare thing, believe me, because classes were set up to have lecture-only–rarely did we have meaningful discussions)  –angry students were going to grill some steaks by the hunger-strikers.  These folks had done nothing to them–they were protesting mistreatment to other human beings—so why would that anger them? Unbelievable.

I used…

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