CEO to worker pay gap

Reblogging this, too, for the continued lack of effort on the part of politicians who forget minimum wage voters the minute they are in office…to the homeless who are working. HOMELESS WHO ARE WORKING. Just thought I’d repeat that for all those who continually bash the homeless for being in the spot they’re in…


I went looking for the latest figures on CEO to worker pay gap and found this piece.  The speech given by Mary Jo White is good, too.  Although, I think she protests a little too much on the power of the SEC and its ability to stay unbiased in an increasingly biased world.  It just seems to me that Bush, Cheney & Co., did everything they could to diminish any agency that could thwart them and their banker, oil, and defense contractor friends.

This from Canada Broadcasting–the Swiss and Europeans are enacting a law capping executive pay at twelve times the lowest worker’s salary.  Boy, you’ll start seeing those poverty level wages start to go up pretty fast, eh?

Businesses such as Glencore Xstrata and Roche, which are headquartered in Switzerland, say they may consider leaving the country if the rule is passed.

The fear is that they will not…

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