Elsipogtog roadblocks planned to keep drugs out of community

You know, they said after 9/11 that the infringement of our personal rights was worth it to curtail terrorism…and look where that has led…
I admire the thought to rid the community of drugs and I know how they have destroyed communities and families. I just don’t think this is the way to go about it. Perhaps a history lesson of the 60s — where we had a great movement of peace and tolerance for one another until drugs were introduced. David Crosby was asked what destroyed the 60s movement…and he answered “cocaine”. I see this happening all over again with meth and legalized marijuana…it’s hard to be strong against the Dark Side when you’re toxic from chemicals — be they recreational or not. The young do not understand why the politicians want them doped out of their minds…

Warrior Publications

Elsipogtog john-levi John Levi, an Elsipogtog warrior chief, plans to set up roadblocks in his community to stem the flow of drugs. (Ian Bonnell/CBC)

Warrior chief John Levi says ‘It’s about time we made a stand and got our community back’ from influx of drugs

By Tori Weldon, CBC News, Apr 28, 2016

John Levi, the warrior chief at Elsipogtog First Nation, is planning to erect roadblocks on the three routes into the Mi’kmaq community in an attempt to curtail what he says is a steady stream of street drugs entering the reserve.

“It’s been many years that we’ve had problems with drugs in our reserve,” said Levi.

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