Campbell Brown’s 74 Noticeably Silent About Vergara Reversal


On April 14, 2016, the California appeals court overturned the June 2014 Vergara ruling by L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu regarding the unconstitutionality of California statutes governing teacher retention. As the California appeals decision states:

In this lawsuit, nine students who were attending California public schools sued the State of California and several state officials, seeking a court order declaring various provisions of California’s Education Code unconstitutional. According to plaintiffs, these provisions, which govern how K-12 public school teachers obtain tenure, how they are dismissed, and how they are laid off on the basis of seniority, violate the California Constitution’s guarantee that all citizens enjoy the “equal protection of the laws.” … The matter went to trial. After hearing eight weeks of evidence, the trial court issued a ruling declaring five sections of the Education Code… unconstitutional and void. Defendants have appealed this judgment.

We reverse the trial court’s…

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